Episode 49 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme held on the 29th January 2019 and discussion for the day was centred on public health services in the Federal Capital Territory, with representatives of the F.C.T.A Health Management Board as guests in the Studio.

The National Coordinator and Chief Executive Officer of SERVICOM,  Mrs. Nnenna  Akajemeli said the FCTA Health Secretariat was brought to the studio to let out useful information to the public on access to Health care Services in the FCT.

Dr.  Abdullahi  Mohammed, Ag. Director, FCT Hospital Management Board  and Chairman FCT Hospital Monitoring Committee who led the Team from the FCTA, explained that the Board manages a total number of fourteen hospitals in the F.C.T. and all Health Care facilities in order to ensure affordable and effective health care delivery to the people.

“We have established SERVICOM Units in all the hospitals so that patients are better served”, he said and urged customers of the hospitals to always report when they are not satisfactorily served.

The host of the Brekete Family Programme, Ahmad Isah A.K.A Ordinary President, suggested that dedicated SERVICOM Help Desks should be established in all the 14 FCT hospitals to make SERVICOM more visible  as this would help patients to  easily lodge complaints, a suggestion which the National Coordinator and Dr. Mohammed agreed to look into as soon as possible.

Commenting on the need for harmonious working relationship between Doctors and other personnel in hospitals as advocated by the Ordinary President, Mr Joe Okairo, who was in the studio sued for team work amongst Doctors and all other medical and Health workers in the overall interest of patients.

SERVICOM National Coordinator recalled an incidence where a pregnant woman died in one of the FCT Hospitals because a nurse sold wrong medication to her, adding that reports from a “mystery shopping” conducted by SERVICOM Office showed that some nurses were in the habit of selling drugs to patients. She  urged the FCT Health Management Board to look into such sharp practices.

Dr. Mohammed  who decried the general poor ratio of patients to Doctors, assured that all feedback from the programme will be used for service improvement in the FCT hospitals, adding that the Board was working on improving work attitude of Doctors and health service providers.

Mrs Ngozi Ayam who is also of the FCTA Health Management Board encouraged members of the public to contact the SERVICOM Units of the hospitals if they have any complaints and gave the number 08037510320 for  complainant to call, adding that on display in  all FCT Hospitals are specific numbers that complaints could call.