Evaluation and Compliance

SERVICOM Compliance Evaluation (SCE)

The SERVICOM Office has been mandated by the Federal Government to evaluate the performance of MDAs and their compliance to provisions of their service Charter in their delivery of services to the public. The overall objective of the SERVICOM Compliance Evaluation is to ensure Citizen focused Service Delivery in MDAs while the specific Objective includes identifying gaps in Service delivery and making recommendations to MDAs to improve customer satisfaction and accountability.

To execute this mandate SERVICOM uses the SERVICOM Index (SI). The SERVICOM index (SI) is a set of business-relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that provide a standardized method for measuring and comparing performance against service standards defined by MDAs. It is designed to become the standard method to help MDAs measure their performance in terms of customer satisfaction and improved service delivery. The Index measures the key influences on service delivery and customer satisfaction as well as the need for feedback and future development.


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Service Delivery

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12 %

Staff Attitude

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 A team of SERVICOM Evaluators is assigned to specific service windows in MDAs for this task and their evidence is gathered at the service windows through customer interviews, discussions with management, staff, partners, review of key documents, desk research and general observations.

The mystery Shopping is one strategy used before the main evaluation is carried out   This is process whereby the evaluators access the service of an MDA under-cover with the aim of establishing and obtaining first hand information on what an ordinary citizen experiences before he/she gets the service required. Findings during the mystery shopping are afterwards reported to Management of the evaluated MDA as “moment of truth”.

The evaluation exercise exposes service delivery gaps in the assessed MDAs and allows for recommendation of remedial strategies by SERVICOM Office, while at the same time serving as a wake- up call to MDAs to improve on the services they render to citizens with the aim of increased citizen satisfaction.

Evaluation reports containing findings (Strengths and Weaknesses) and Scores of the evaluated MDAs are presented to their Ministers/ Chief Executive Officers with a charge for them to implement the recommendations which are made on how to mitigate identified service delivery gaps. The reports are also made public through the media where MDAs are either named and praised or named and shamed. In addition the reports are sent to the Federal Executive Council through the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (OSGF).

Service Improvement Plan Training is usually provided by the SERVICOM Institute on how best to implement the proffered recommendations in the report, aimed at serving the citizens better.

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