SERVICOM challenges NSCDC to reactivate reward system

The National Coordinator SERVICOM Mrs. Nnenna Akajemeli has challenged the Nigeria Securities and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) to reactive reward system in the Corps. She made the challenge during an advocacy visit to the Corpse Headquarters in Abuja.

She pointed that since the Corps is quick to punish falter, he should also be quick to reward those who do well.

She reminded the Corps that in no distant past, the NSCDC was known for rewarding outstanding Officers every month and quickly pointed that it was as a result of management support enjoyed by SERVICOM Unit of the Corps.

“We are here to appeal to you bring reward system that we used to know back to life”, she said.

Akajemeli however said for this to happen, the capacity of the SERVICOM

NEMSA is very crucial to power sector.

Both SERVICOM Office and Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA) have agreed that NEMSA’s role of ensuring power systems and networks put in place have been planned, designed, and executed before use to deliver safe, reliable and regular electricity supply to consumers nationwide is crucial to the power sector.

CEOs of both Agencies alluded to this during the inauguration ceremony of Parastatal SERVICOM Committee (PSC) of NEMSA at the Agency’s corporate Headquarters in Abuja.

Charging newly inaugurated members of the committee, National Coordinator, SERVICOM, Mrs Nnenna Akajemeli said more information coming out from NEMSA will grossly reduce incidences of service failure in power sector.

“We should be able to bring into what we are doing, best practices, international standards so that we can reduce the level of accidents that happen when people know and are better guided on how to run their electricity, so that Nigerians can stop feeling short-changed especially on metres”, she said.

She further enjoined the PSC to review their Service Charter to reflect international best practice and make the document available to their clients including those using the website.

The Managing Director/, Engr. Peter O. Ewesor said his agency in line with SERVICOM Principle and Presidential directive on Ease of Doing Business has cut the period of inspecting and certifying new power networks from 14 days to seven days and urged customers to report metres without NEMSA seal because their efficiency and safety may not be guaranteed.

“If you see any metre in your premises that does not carry NEMSA seal, that metre has not been tested by NEMSA and so the accuracy and workability of that metre cannot be guaranteed. We are available to investigate what the issues are to deal with them”, he said.

Director, Reforms Coordination, Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing (Power Sector) charged members of the committee to give in their best as a lot depended on them.


Highlight of Episode 83 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme

Episode 83 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme held on the 20th of August 2019. The National Coordinator /Chief Executive Officer of SERVICOM Mrs. Nnenna Akajemeli thanked all the MDAs that have been coming to discuss on how to better serve Nigerians.

She said SERVICOM brought the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) to the programme to enable them inform Nigerians of their activities in the airport and for them to  shed more light on their service delivery processes.

Mrs Ebele Okoye, the General Manager and SERVICOM Nodal Officer FAAN who was in the studio with her impressive Team extended the apology of the FAAN Managing Director Captain Yadudu for his inability to be at the studio personally owing to exigencies of office.

Dr. Solomon Sunday and  Mr Sidi Mohammed  Danladi of Nigerian Agricultural Quarantine Service where also in the studio to shed light on their mandate as it affects air travellers in the airports .

Mrs. Okoye  said FAAN is a service organisation that has the mandate to ensure that airports operate very well wherever they are located in the country, explaining that “we provide services for passengers and cargo, we desire to manage all airport activities at world class standards”.

She further enumerated some duties of FAAN saying “we have up to 23 Federal Airport that are run by FAAN and we are in charge of all the states airports as well. FAAN procures most screening machines at the airports, and manages the crowd. We have established lounge for the sick, elderly, pregnant and physically challenged people in some airports”.

She said SERVICOM has desks in all Airports and citizens should feel free to approach any of the officers in case of any customer related issues at the airport, adding that the SERVICOM customer care unit of FAAN sees to the general activities, complaint handling and security of the airport.

She noted that FAAN is not responsible for some of the ills that are seen in the airport as some of the agencies at the airports compound issues for travellers.

Dr. Solomon Sunday of the Nigerian Agricultural Quarantine services while responding to issues raised by FAAN SERVICOM Nodal Officer on why  air travellers are not allowed to travel with food items and also on the collection of N2,000 from travellers, said his Organisation was saddled with the mandate of preventing the introduction, establishment  and spread of agro-commodity pest in and out of the country through international airport to avoid health hazards.

According to him, all food items leaving the shores of the country through the airports must be brought to their office then quarantined before a certification can be given for the items to be travelled with.

The SERVICOM National Coordinator expressed concern about lack of standards and fixed fines/payments sought to know from Dr Sunday what his organization had put in place to make life easier for air travellers in the airport.

Due to time constrainT, the Ordinary President pleaded with all participating agencies to come back the next  day 21st August 2019 for a more impactful engagement on the issues raised.


Episode 82 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme

Episode 82 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme held on the 13th of August 2019 where the  National Coordinator /Chief Executive Officer of SERVICOM Mrs. Nnenna Akajemeli congratulated Muslims for the Sallah celebration and appreciated all those who have contributed to the success of SERVICOM’s participation in the Radio programme.

The Public Awareness Manager Ms Patience Musa  used the medium to once again enlighten the public on what SERVICOM is all about and how SERVICOM  engages service takers and service givers to redress complaints and enhance service delivery in the MDAs.

“SERVICOM does not render any service, it is the  MDAs that do that, so the role of SERVICOM is to facilitate efficient and effective service delivery and to ensure that the contact between government and its people is healthy. when service takers have complaint they now have where to run to and get solutions”, she said.

She mentioned SERVICOM guiding principles to include; Affirmation of commitment to the service of the Nigerian nation; Conviction that Nigeria can only realize its full potential if citizens receive prompt and efficient services from the State; Consideration for the needs and rights of all Nigerians to enjoy social and economic advancement and Dedication to deliver services to which citizens are entitled, timely, fairly, honestly, effectively and transparently.

The National Coordinator noted that  when customers come to a service point, they come with expectation and  encourage service providers to be conscious in  meeting and exceeding  expectation of the customers.

According to her, “timely service is very important, it saves life and makes a difference in any situation so customers should look out for numbers at service point to contact when they are having issues at service points,  people are more aware now than before, in this regards. SERVICOM has an institute that trains front line officers on how to handle customer related issues from the root to avoid re-occurrence”.

A Caller during the programme, Elder Emma Okoro of the NIPR said most wall clocks in the Federal Secretariat were not working, most toilet dirty, he also lamented the deplorable state of the Lokoja road. Other calls were entertained from individuals with issues bordering on service delivery and the National Coordinator appreciated the callers and promised to look into all issues raised.

Amongst the calls was a commendation from one Usman in Abuja on Maitama General Hospital Abuja where he had a delightful service experience. According to him, “I took a youth corper to Maitama General Hospital and they said she was not having a card that I should go and get one for her, before I came back they had already given her a bed and had started treating her. instead of payment of N1000 I was asked to pay N500 because she is a corper”.

Highlight of Episode 81 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme

Episode 81 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme held on 6th August 2019 and featured the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA). The National Coordinator/Chief Executive Officer of SERVICOM, Mrs. Nnenna Akajemeli in her remarks appreciated the various MDAs for their positive response regarding resolution of complaint by dissatisfied customers and citizens.

Public Awareness Manager of the SERVICOM Office Miss Patience Musa while giving a feedback from SERVICOM’s intervention on some complaints received by the Office said the Federal Civil Service Commission in a letter has said that due process was not followed in the process of appointment of 48 complainants hence the revocation of their appointments by the Commission.

The Liaison Officer of the Vice President who was in the studio said however that despite the information that due process was not followed, the issue will be looked into in collaboration with the National Coordinator of SERVICOM.

On the complaint sent by Mr. Henry Dan that he was not given the National Presidential Award even though he emerged as the best. NYSC member in Bayelsa state, the SERVICOM Awareness Head said NYSC was engaged and had replied to explain that not every state Awardee got the National Award as out of 36 of them only 5 received the National Presidential Award following some criteria which Mr. Dan did not meet.

A Director in NITDA Dr. Usman Abdullahi led  the Team from the Agency and was accompanied by Mr Eniola Ayodeji, Mr Kassim Sodangi and Mrs Ngozi Alika.

He explained that the organisation was established by the government to develop and regulate Information Technology as well as provide advisory services to government, private firms and the general public. He said NITDA provides access to the people through its centres such as Rural Information Technology Development Centres, Digital Job Creation Centres etc.

He pointed out that NITDA develops policies and guidelines on how to drive indigenous information Technology adding that “our main focus is on how government agencies can use information technology to reach the citizens in order to make their services accessible”.

Dr. Abdullahi emphasized the importance of capacity building to Information technology and disclosed that NITDA gives scholarships to graduate youths with First class and Second Class Upper, saying the period for the 2019 scholarship application would be between August to October. The selection process for scholarships he said is very transparent and credible.

He further explained that  the Office of National Content (ONC) and the Office for ICT Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OIIE) were two important offices that work through NITDA to advance ICT local content development and entrepreneurship in the country.

NITDA’s social media handles were given as; with 08168401851 / 07052420189 as hotlines.

Highlight of Episode 80 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme

Episode 80 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme held on 30th July 2019 and featured the Standard Organisation Nigeria (SON), the National Coordinator/Chief Executive Officer of SERVICOM  Mrs.  Nnenna  Akajemeli  appreciated the various MDA’s for their positive response regarding resolution of  complaint by dissatisfied customers and citizens.

A Deputy Director and SERVICOM Nodal Officer in SON, Alhaji Abdullahi Ibrahim and Mr. Bola Fasina, the  Head of Public Relations  in SON, were in the studio to enlighten Nigerians on the mandate and service delivery processes in the Organsiation.

Mr. Bola said SON is a Government Agency that assists Nigerians to define what standard is all about, as a product cannot be said to be good or bad without first having a standard for measuring it.

“Whether a product is being manufactured here in Nigeria or outside the country, it is our responsibility to ensure that it is of standard. We do not have a problem with product manufactured here because even if they don’t do it right, we will guard them and ensure they do it better”, he said .

He explained that SON is not established to close down companies but to assist companies to produce in accordance to the right standards, adding that “despite the number of security agencies in Nigeria to crack down on fake manufacturers, they cannot be everywhere and this is where SON requires Nigerians’ assistance, anything you see people doing in respect of manufacturing or production and you don’t understand, call us and we will come there to check”.

Mr Bola Fasina who was also in the studio on Thursday 1st August concluded his enlightenment session by reiterating the need for citizens to be vigilant and furnish the organisation with useful  information that would strengthen its enforcement and regulatory functions. He appreciated the Nigerian Police Force for their efforts and support to the organization.

He read out the organization’s free-toll Hot lines as 07056990099 and 08002255766 for emergencies, enquiries or information sharing.