The National Coordinator /CEO SERVICOM, Mrs. Nnenna Akajemeli has advocated for the establishment of more Ministerial SERVICOM Committees to help boost service delivery initiatives in Ministries Departments and Agencies (MDAs) service wide.

This advocacy was made when the SERVICOM Coordinator, inaugurated the Ministerial SERVICOM Committee of the Federal Ministry of Works in Abuja today, 9th May, 2024.

In her speech during the inauguration, the Coordinator stated that the aim of improved service delivery in the Ministry will not be achieved if a robust SERVICOM Committee is not put in place. The establishment of a SERVICOM Committee presupposes that the entire service delivery activities of the Ministry are to be coordinated by the Committee

According to her, the SERVICOM Committee is a body of SERVICOM Officers from different Departments, Units, and Parastatals of the Ministry. Who network to build relationships for the purpose of acquiring and disseminating information towards citizens focused service delivery in the Ministry.

Speaking further, she highlighted the role of Members of the Ministerial SERVICOM Committee as Spearheading the Ministry’s service improvement programmes in accordance with best practice e.g. periodic monitoring and evaluation of project.

Producing and reviewing service charters for the Ministry, its diverse service frontlines, and monitoring its implementation by reporting quarterly on the impact of service delivery activities in the Ministry.

Providing a comprehensive and effective training policy for Frontline Staff e. g. customer care training, instituting a Complaints Procedure for the Ministry she added.

She proffered next steps forward for the Ministry to adopt such as, already developed service charter should be reviewed with best practice and made available to all clients including customers and Stakeholders using the website.

Adding that, the Ministry should institute a reward system to recognise staff who excel at the delivery of services to customers e.g. monthly/quarterly/annual best departmental staff recognition Furthermore, rregular training and re-training of staff on all aspects of service delivery to equip them with pre-requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes is key.

She also appealed, for prominence of SERVICOM news/stories on the Ministry’s publications.

In his welcome address, the Permanent Secretary Federal of Works Dr. Yakubu Kofarmatar represented by the Director Reforms Coordination and Service Improvement, Mrs C. N. Ibekwe, said that the Charter launch became necessary following the de-merging of the Ministry from the Housing sector.

He admonished members of the Ministerial SERVICOM Committee of the Ministry not to lose sight of the purpose establishing the Committee in the Ministry, which is to identify service failure and gaps and also proffer improvements.

According to him, this inauguration meeting would equip you with requisite knowledge and technical know – how to assume your role as members of the MSC.

He encouraged the MSC members to put in their utmost best and become reform champions for the Ministry.


Henrietta Okokon

Assistant Director Information/ Public Relations


The National Coordinator / CEO SERVICOM, Mrs. Nnenna Akajemeli has called on Management of the Federal Capital Territory Administration(FCTA), to continuously drive on improvement of service delivery initiatives in FCT Schools by benchmarking its processes with the current global best practices at all levels across board.

This call was made when the SERVICOM Office of the FCTA organized a SERVICOM Induction ceremony for over Eight Hundred inductees / Teachers as SERVICOM Focal Officers across all the Schools in the FCTA during the weekend.

This is in line with current global standards of reviewing learning standards, admission and registration processes, organizational structures, leadership models, teaching strategies and professional development.

According to the SERVICOM Boss, staff of the FCT Schools are also citizens and are the life blood of the Education sector in the FCT, hence the need to recognize that improving the quality of staff of the schools in terms of efficiency and professionalism is key in line with the renewed hope agenda of Mr. President.

Citizens today she said, are more aware of their rights, having better access to information on public services and consequently have their higher expectations for example, Admission requirement, processes, and cost of school fees., she also stated that SERVICOM, is the Government solution and answer to poor public service delivery. She stated that the FCTA SERVICOM Units most ensure foster collaborations amongst internal departments and units towards ensuring more citizen-focused service delivery across the country.

She further said that SERVICOM committee is a body of SERVICOM Officers from different Technical Service Departments that network to build relationships for the purpose of acquiring and disseminating information towards citizens focused service delivery.

The National Coordinator acknowledged the pivotal role of SERVICOM committee which is to enhance Spear heading of FCT schools as well as monitor their implementations and improving services delivery through SERVICOM compliance such as surveys.

It would also involve the production and review of service charters of the FCT schools as well as monitoring their implementations and ensuring compliance with relevant guidelines.

Managing the schools Customers Relations Policy, she emphasized would provide opportunities for customer feed- back on services such as processing complaints from aggrieved Stakeholders and parents of students for effective service delivery in the schools.

She called on the Managements of the FCT to lead the service improvement process in the schools by giving their full support to the committee, and also process in the schools’ capacity for the Committee in order to drive the service delivery initiatives (SDI) across FCT.

She lent SERVICOM support in the area of training and retraining of staff on all aspects of service delivery to equip them with pre- requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes and ensure sustained service improvement.

Earlier in his welcome address, the Head of Civil Service Mr. Samuel Atang, represented by the Permanent Secretary, Common Services, Miss Bunmi Olowokere , said that the induction ceremony of Focal Officers is coming at a time when FCT Administration is poised to ensure effective and efficient service delivery in our schools across board.

Hence the need to inculcate in our youths the value chain of excellence and initiate the culture of service delivery in schools.

According to him, the vision of FCTA is to be a world class city where innovation coupled with hard work, doggedness and determination of men and women resilient in their drive to render quality and efficient services to citizens would be promoted.

He called on the Focal Officers to embrace the culture of excellence and do due diligence in all schools as well as see the laudable initiative as a cornerstone for service excellence in FCT.



Henrietta Okokon

Assistant Director Information/ Public Relations Unit

SERVICOM Presidency