SERVICOM came 3rd in Huawei/OSGF ICT 4 Change Training

SERVICOM Staff Mr. Clement Stephen Dogara a  Senior Programme Analyst came 3rd in out of 935 ICT staff of the Federal Civil Service.The program(ICT 4 Change) hosted by the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) in partnership with Huawei Technologies Company Nigeria Limited under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in 2018 to train 1000 Nigerian Civil Servants with ICT knowledge and skills. The program which commenced on 14th January, 2019 was concluded on Friday, 28th, June, 2019, having been conducted in 19 batched for a total of 935 public servants draw from various Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).

Highlight of Episode 79 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme.

Episode 79 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme held on 23rd July 2019, the National Coordinator and Chief Executive Officer of SERVICOM Mrs. Nnenna Akajemeli was in the studio in the company of the Public Awareness Manager, Ms Patience Musa.

Representatives of the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) were also in the Studio as guest for the SERVICOM Help Desk Programme, the Host of the programme Ordinary President however indulged the sensitivity of everyone and requested that the regular programme be suspended in observance of the sad mood of the nation occasioned by loss of lives after Shiite’s clash with the police in Abuja.

The National Coordinator joined in the prayer for the repose of the souls of the late DCP FCT Mr. Usman Umar and a Youth Corper, Mr Precious Awolabi who was reporting for Channels Television, who were victims of the violent protest.

The Ordinary President appealed to the Deputy Director/Nodal Officer of SERVICOM, Alhaji Abdullahi Ibrahim of SON and his colleague Mr. Tizo Timothy to come again next Tuesday so that they can tell Nigerians what SON does and what Nigerians should also expect from the Organisation.

There was no emerging issue needing SERVICOM’s attention.

Highlight of Episode 78 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme.

Episode 78 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio programme held on the 16th July 2019, The National Coordinator /Chief Executive of SERVICOM, Mrs Nnenna Akajemeli, appreciated the Ordinary President and the Brekete family.

She equally appreciated Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) for their efforts at improving service saying “Service Delivery in Nigeria is work in progress, we have not reached where we are going to but we are making progress and for that reason, we want to talk about the importance of information in service delivery process”.

The Public Awareness Manager, Ms. Patience Musa who gave updates on some complaint received by the SERVICOM office, appreciated those sending complaints to SERVICOM office saying, “You are helping us to work harder by keeping us on our toes to see that complaints received are resolved by the MDAs”.

She said Information was one of the key drivers of service delivery as it  helps to minimise service failure and allows service takers to be well informed of the processes of seeking services well ahead of time.

She noted that lack of proper information was one of the factors responsible for the experience of service failure by passengers of Dana Air, who had called SERVICOM to express their grievances.

According to her, “lots of people called the SERVICOM office to complain about flight cancellation by Dana Air and we contacted the Nodal officer of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) who said investigation was being carried out on the matter though Dana Airline has publically apologised and offered to give compensation to those affected”.

SERVICOM Public Awareness Manager enjoined MDAs to ensure that they use different medium to keep their service takers informed about their services, adding that the Service charters were also information tools.

A complainant Mr. Andrew C Nkpadobi. of was in the studio to make a case over refusal of Management Board of the National Institute for Culture and Orientation (NICO) to reinstate him after undue dismissal inspite of directive for his reinstatement by former Minister of Information Mr. Lai Mohammed. This case was referred to SERVICOM National Coordinator and the Liaison to the Vice President for immediate intervention.

Highlight Episode 77 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme.

Episode 77 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio programme which held on 9th July 2019 had Pension Transition Arrangement Directorate (PTAD) as its guest. The National Coordinator  and Chief Executive Officer of SERVICOM, Mrs Nnenna Akajemeli said PTAP had been brought to the studio as promised, to look into the complaints of a pensioner  Mrs. Maria Aliyu as well as other pensioners.

“We are engaging the service providers and the service takers for justice to be served and for us to serve the people right, this is part of the mandate of SERVICOM so that citizens are better served”, the National Coordinator said.

The Executive Secretary of PTAD Mrs. Sharon Ikpeazo who came with her team, took time to listen to complaint of Mrs Aliyu after which she explained some discrepancies that were discovered on the case of the complainant after due interrogation by her Office.

According to the PTAD boss “PTAD inherited payrolls without correct information so the essence of us carrying out documentation is to get their correct information so that messages can reach them appropriately.”

“In PTAD, we have monitoring and compliance unit under which we also have the anti-corruption and transparency unit to do a thorough check because of the dubious payment that was happening in the past. We have now verified savannah sugar company staff and have asked government to give us approval to pay them. NITEL and Delta Steel staffs that were long forgotten have been verified and put on payroll” she explained further.

She  said Nigeria is a great country and those in government should practice open government by giving appropriate  information to citizens, nothing that “’if we don’t sort out Pension payment we can’t sort out corruption in this country and that is why our goal and mission is Passion, Transparency, Accountability and Dedication”.

The participation of PTAD in the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio programme gave opportunities for scores of pensioners with complaints to follow the PTAD Team to the office to have their complaint resolved.

Highlight and Matters arising from Episode 76 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme.

Episode 76 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio programme held on the 2nd July 2019 and it featured the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) where the Director General of the Fund Sir Joseph Ari led some of his management Team to the programme.

The National Coordinator/Chief Executive of SERVICOM, Mrs Nnenna Akajemeli in her opening remarks appreciated the Brekete Family, top Government Officials and Agencies that have made possible the  running of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme.

While giving an update on outcomes of SERVICOM’s interventions, the Public Awareness Manager, Ms. Patience Musa said a complaint by a parent from Italy over authentication of NECO result for his daughter had been resolved while another complaint over  collection of Transcript from the University of Nigeria Nsukka by a student from Canada had been equally resolved.

She also made mentioned of how the intervention of SERVICOM Office had resulted to the granting of permit by Ministry of Labour to a group of pensioners to form an Association, saying that these pensioners would be invited to come and share their testimony to the Brekete Family.

The Director General I.T.F Sir Joseph Ari appreciated SERVICOM Office for conceiving the Radio programme especially the strategy of inviting Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) to come and enlighten citizens on their mandates and their service delivery processes.

He noted that it was because of this that he personally came for the programme from Jos ITF Headquarters, along with some of his management staff whom he introduced as Mallam Sulaiman Ningi,  Director SERVICOM and Anti-Corruption, Mrs. Suleyat Chagu,Director Public Affairs, Mr. Tom Gwoh, Head of Media and Mr. Aminu Mohammed, Cooperate Affairs Manager Operations, Abuja.

The Director General said the Fund was established by General Yakubu Gowon on 8th October 1971 after independence when the need arose for Nigerians to seamlessly take over jobs from the expatriates.

“That was how ITF and other agencies like Center for Management Development (CMD) came about and since its establishment, ITF has been discharging her mandate and functions seriously which include the provision promotion and encouragement of Human capacity development so that we will have sufficient indigenous manpower development of the economy in both Public and Private sectors”, the DG said

He explained that in the course of time, there was the need to re-focus on Technical Vocation Education and Training (TVET) to which the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari  introduced the Social Economic Diversification and Industrialisation Policy for economic development and growth in all platforms of Nigeria’s industrialisation, adding that “as the front-runner and the master craft-man in training, ITF is equipping Nigerians with the necessary skills for this”.

He appealed to trainers across the country to always consult ITF for guidance on professional methodology for training needs assessment as this would eliminate problems and address challenges often encountered by trainers, such as the ones narrated earlier by beneficiaries of a training courtesy the wife of the Vice President.


Highlight of Episode 75 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme.

Episode 75 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme held on 25th June 2019 and it featured Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) for useful information on procedures and processes of accessing services from the Council for exports purposes.

The National Coordinator Mrs Nnenna Akajemeli appreciated the Ordinary President for the Brekete Family Platform and thanked Management of NEPC  for promptly approving participation of its representatives in the programme.

Dr  Israel Yakusat the Nodal Officer for NEPC said the Nigeria Export Promotion Council focuses on non-Oil exports with exception of  Arts, crafts, wildlife, Timber, scrap metal amongst others. He said the Council supports Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) by giving free trainings on the rudiments of exports.

He called on members of the public to take advantage of the training by registering on-line adding that  certificate could also be acquired online after due payment of N13,500. He explained however that the certificate is renewable every 2 years after a satisfactory evaluation by the Council that the certificate is put to good and profitable use.

He added that the Council supports the participation of eligible SMEs  in international trade shows by granting  of  50% refund on their travel expenses at their return to the country after the trade shows . All of these he said are aimed at opening international markets for Nigerian products.

The Public Relations Officer for NEPC, Mr Joe Etta in shedding more light, said that even non-governmental organizations can partake in the trainings of the Council, noting that formation of cooperatives would go a long way in helping intending exporters. He advised all those going into exports to formalize every dealing with their business partners in order to reduce risk of fraudulent encounters.

He said more information could be accessed on the Council’s website

Highlight of Episode 74 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme.

Episode 74 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio programme held on the 21st June 2019 and the SERVICOM National Coordinator Mrs. Nnnenna Akajemeli was in the studio to harvest feedback and complaints boarding on the recently conducted Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) from candidates, their patents and relatives.

The National Coordinator explained that it was the responsibility of SERVICOM to always ensure that citizens are served right, saying this was the reason why SERVICOM was taking a middle position on the deluge of complaints on JAMB to see to satisfactory resolution.

“In setting up SERVICOM, every agency was asked to spell out its own standards of providing services and engagement with the people so in this case, the people providing the service are the service providers and you our students, parents and stake holders are the service takers. SERVICOM is the middle to look at the engagement between the service provider and the service takers to be sure that it is productive and fruitful”, she explained

“We have observed working on the field that a lot of times, people are helpless, sometimes out of lack of information or  lack of timely delivery of service so when we heard the issue of JAMB, we came forward to help resolve this matter by engaging the complainants with both Ministry of Education and JAMB”, Mrs Akajemeli said.

“The concerned authorities on this matter are listening to us, it’s about being open and working toward solutions because we can not wish this away” the National Coordinator further said.

She explained that from her engagement with JAMB, she was informed that candidates with complaints could log on to the on-line complaint platform of JAMB and lodge their complaints which would be attended to within 24 hours. Complaints in the studio retorted that the complaints handle had not been effective as those who dropped their complaints there did not get satisfactory response within the promised timeline.

While opportunity was given to some candidates and parents to say their complaints, a list of all complainants within and outside the studio was drawn up. The National Coordinator  gave an assurance that the SERVICOM office would continue to engage with JAMB and the Ministry of Education for amicable resolution on the complaints.

Highlight of Episode 73 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme.

Episode 73 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme held on 18th June 2019 and the topic was “Ensuring Citizen Focused Service delivery”, it was presented by a SERVICOM Staff Mrs. Ternenge Nyipira.

The National coordinator who expressed delight with the progress and impact of  the programme, appreciated everyone who had contributed in one way or the other by way of facilitation and resolution of complaints.

Ms. Patience Musa the Public Awareness Manager SERVICOM encouraged the public to consult SERVICOM Units in every Ministry, Department and Agency when they experience service failure in the course of accessing service

While talking on the topic for the day, Mrs. Ternege Nyipira noted that in rendering services to citizens, Ministries, Departments and Agencies ( MDAs) are expected to at all times put the citizens first regardless of their personal moods or problems adding that the service providers should be as considerate as possible while  providing services.

Mrs Ternege further reiterated the importance of  service charter to effective service delivery, saying service charters convey standards for services as well as spell out customers expectations

She said SERVICOM was committed to ensuring that government businesses are driven by the needs of the people hence the emphasis that MDAS must carry our consultation with citizens in their service improvement planning and service charter formulation.

She mentioned key drivers of citizens satisfaction as Service delivery, Timeliness, information, Professionalism and staff attitude.  She encouraged that these should guide the delivery of service.

The National Coordinator in concluding the programme, sued for continues service improvement in government offices in order to ensure citizen focused service delivery.

Highlight of Episode 72 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme.

Episode 72 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme held on 11th June 2019 and discussion was centred in the topic “Going the extra mile to satisfy the customer in service delivery” it was facilitated by a SERVICOM Staff Mrs Kike Aina.
The National coordinator who appreciated the Ordinary President for the success of the programme was equally appreciative of the role of the various Ministerial SERVICOM Units in the Ministries, Departments and Agencies in resolving complaints and ensuring continuous service improvement in their organisations.

Mrs. Kike in her presentation explained that going the extra mile while delivering service would enable a service provider to excellent service as well as exceed customer expectations, adding however that providing excellent service would some sometimes involve discomforting oneself.

She further explained that going an extra mile to satisfy a customer will include doing all to calm a difficult customer instead of ignoring such a person who has come to receive service.

“Every Office has its closing time, and sometimes that is when some people show up in search of one service or another. In such a case a service giver can go the extra mile to attend to the service taker”, she added.

“When we go the extra mile, we are saying to the customers that they matter much and that they are the reason we are in office”, she said.

The National Coordinator however emphasised the need for customers to adhere to requirements and instructions when they go to access services, so that they can make it easy for the person delivering service to do so.

The National Coordinator noted that when people go the extra mile to ensure that they deliver service satisfactorily, they should be appreciated by their supervising officers or management as a way of encouragement.

A Representative of the Legal Aid Council who was at the programme, appreciated the programme and noted the support and commitment of the of the new Director General of the Council in ensuring effective and timely delivery of legal services to citizens.