The National Coordinator/CEO SERVICOM, Mrs. Nnenna Akajemeli has said that inclusivity is key towards improvements in service delivery processes in Nigeria.

She disclosed this during the Celebration of 2020 Customer Service Week held yesterday in Abuja with the theme “Dream Team”. The theme she said, highlights the importance of team spirit in the drive for improvements in service delivery initiatives which is part of SERVICOM’s mandate.

In her remarks, The National Coordinator emphasized on the importance of working as a team, adding that “team work conquers it all” and “a journey of a thousand miles she said, begins with a step”. SERVICOM is here to ensure that Nigerian citizens receive proper and quality services whenever the need arises, she added.

Akajemeli said that Customer Service Week is observed World- Wide in every first week of October to celebrate outstanding service givers who worked hard to give customers quality service delivery at the various service windows and the service takers who give feedback to enhance improvement processes.

The National Coordinator said that the Customer Service Week is also the perfect time for teams to boost the morale, motivate service takers and reward frontline service givers in MDA’s for the services rendered to customers excellently well.

Mrs. Akajemeli pointed out that a service focused dream team acts as one, believes in each other, shares the workload, embraces a common vision and above all is committed to excellence at all times.

The National Coordinator used the medium to appreciate the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Barr. Boss Mustapha, and the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on Covid-19  and all other front liners such as  our medical personnel ,the Nigerian Army, the police,  the para –military, journalists, and the our Nodal Officers in all MDAs and all Nigerians for their resilience in the fight against this dreaded pandemic.

Akajemeli further thanked these noble Nigerians for their outstanding role and services rendered to the Nigerian citizens during the Covid- 19 lockdown and their ability to contain the covid -19 pandemic as well as the issuance of guidelines to Nigerians to ensure that the infection rate is being managed to the barest minimum.











The   Federal Government of Nigeria has called on  CEO’s to take full ownership of service delivery processes in their MDA’s in order to drive the  Open Government Partnership ( OGP)  initiatives successfully in Nigeria.

This call was made when the National Coordinator/ CEO SERVICOM, Mrs Nnenna Akajemeli paid an advocacy visit to the Managing Director/ CEO Federal Housing Authority (FHA), in Abuja.

Mrs Akamejeli in her presentation stated that CEO’s are the ones to own the will to drive the improvements in the service delivery processes in Nigeria.

She said that OGP is a global coalition of reformers from the government and the civil society, working together to make government more transparent, participatory and accountable, to truly serve and empower Nigerian citizens.

According to her, OGP initiative presents a platform for co-creation, partnership and collaboration between governments (State Actors) and Civil Society organizations and the Private Sector (Non- state Actors) in achieving the OGP developmental process.

The Coordinator while addressing the management of FHA, said that during the process of OGP initiatives, SERVICOM would harvest a lot of feedbacks through mystery shopping to determine and evaluate the quality and standards of services rendered to Nigerians by the Agency.

She further stated that SERVICOM is a critical Partner to FHA in ensuring improvements in service delivery processes by showcasing them to Nigerians through the various service delivery windows to citizens.

In his welcome address, the Managing Director Federal Housing Authority (FHA), Senator Gbenga Ashafa, said that his organisation is fully committed to the new order in terms of improved service delivery processes in Nigeria.

He further stated that SERVICOM’s visit is a clarion call to do the needful through value chain development in the housing sector for the development of our nation Nigeria.


The Federal government of  Nigeria has said that  the  Open  Government Partnership initiative will be of immense benefit to Nigerians.

This disclosure was made when  the National Coordinator/ CEO SERVICOM, Mrs Nnenna Akajemeli  paid an advocacy  visit to  the  Nigerian  Ports Authority ( NPA) headquarters Lagos during the week.

While delivering  her paper presentation to the management and staff of the  Authority, Akajemeli stated that the Open Government Partnership initiative is a global coalition of  reformers from the government and Civil Society towards making governance more transparent, participatory and accountable to Nigerians.

Akajemeli said that the initiative has presented a  platform for co- creation, partnership and collaboration between the government ( State Actors), Civil society and the private sector ( Non state actors) that will bring immense developmental benefits to the Nation.

According to her Open Government Partnership will bring  improvements in service delivery processes that will generate the revenue base for the citizens in  the  country when delightsome services are rendered.

The Coordinator further stated that with  full commitment total buy-in by key public sector bureaucrats there will be  development, reviews and implementation of service standards at service windows that will help the initiative to fall in line with  our national  guidelines.

SERVICOM, she said has strategized to work  closely with MDA’s through  their service  Charters that will drive continuous citizens focused service Improvements in Nigeria.

She reiterated government’s commitment to the initiative that will  foster, openness, transparency, accountability, Inclusiveness and co- creation in  services delivered by the MDA’s that will translate to  good governance.

In his welcome remarks, the Managing Director/ CEO Nigerian Ports Authority ( NPA) Hajia Hadiza Bala Usman represented by the  Executive  director Marine and operation, Honourable Onari Brown stated that  NPA as an organisation is working  in line with SERVICOM’ s guidelines  through the  pragmatic leadership of its Management.

He  further stated that NPA is committed to the OGP  initiative of the Federal Government of Nigeria and is willing to work in  synergy with the SERVICOM  office to drive the process that will culminate into citizens participation at all  levels  in the country.


The National Coordinator/ CEO SERVICOM, Mrs Nnenna  Akajemeli, has said that the Open Government Partnership  (OGP) , will attract foreign investors when  Nigeria  adopts the drive towards service improvement initiatives in MDA’s.

Akajemeli made this disclosure when she paid an advocacy visit to the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency ( NIMASA) headquarters  in Lagos during the week.

According to her, MDA’s must identify the processes that needs to be enhanced and justify these improvements with a buy –in from the CEO’s  that will drive service improvements in Nigeria  with  a value –chain addition and foreign donors investments that will encourage stakeholders in the sector.

‘’We would have institutionalized drive of this initiative that is participatory to the Nigerian citizen she added’’.

The National Coordinator stated that as part of SERVICOM’s mandate, we are working with your Office to display the delightsome service improvement windows to Nigerians.

Mrs Akajemeli further said that SERVICOM is engaging with NIMASA by monitoring and evaluating the framework of their service charter and that the reviewed implementation processes would be made public to Nigerians.

‘’It’s time to tell Nigerian citizens what government is doing, as they at times don’t to know about some services rendered from the MDA’ s,’’ she said.

In his welcome remarks, the Director General/ CEO, Dr Bashir Yusuf Jamoh, said that NIMASA has been receiving many guidelines from SERVICOM that has paid off for them in their service delivery processes.

He further assured SERVICOM of NIMASA’s commitment to the OGP initiatives signed into by President Muhammadu Buhari in his drive towards citizen focused and improved service delivery that would enhance her mandate for the common good of the Nigerian citizen

He also called on the staff of NIMASA to be committed and alert to deliver efficient and timely services that would be of immense benefit to Nigerians.


The National Coordinator SERVICOM, Mrs Nnenna Akajemeli has disclosed that the Federal Government of Nigeria is set to have service delivery officers nationwide to institutionalise service delivery processes in Nigeria.

This disclosure was made when she went on an advocacy visit to the Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) in Abuja.

Akajemeli stated that, as part of the Open Partnership Government (OGP), the Federal Government of Nigeria through the commitment of President Muhammudu Buhari has keyed into this process to ensure that the initiative is adapted and implemented for improvements in service standards as contained in commitments 15 and 16 of the National Action Plan (NAP 11).

She called on the Agency to identify and nominate transformers and champions of reforms in key technical service departments that will ensure that service standards performance implementation, monitoring and reporting carry terms of reference.

The coordinator, called on CEO’s of MDA’s to support their teams through technical session’s briefs, workshops and meetings to ascertain the level of performance monitoring and reporting mechanisms of their team.

She stated that, as a response to the global policy of reformers, SERVICOM would be partnering with 7 MDA’s and 7 states to drive the process of reformation at the states level that would make governance, more transparent, accountable and efficient to the people.

Mrs Akajemeli further stated that improving service delivery for citizen’s satisfaction in MDA’s will foster openness , transparency , accountability, inclusiveness and co- creation in services rendered will translate to good governance.

In his welcome address, the Managing Director/ CEO Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA), Engr. Nurudeen A. Rafindadi, FNSE said that the advocacy visit would afford the Agency the opportunity to be enlightened on Mr President’s commitment and implementation of the OGP initiatives.

He further assured the National Coordinator of FERMA’s full commitment of keeping in line with the National Action plan (NAP 11) of the OGP improvements processes in Nigeria.



Henrietta Okokon (Mrs)

Public Awareness Manager (SERVICOM)




The Federal government of Nigeria has set up pilot service delivery initiatives at the state level across the seven states of the Federation.

This disclosure was made when the National Coordinator / CEO SEVICOM paid an advocacy visit to the Nassarawa State Governor, His Excellency Engineer Abdullahi Sule, in Lafia.

Mrs Akajemeli stated that President Muhammadu Buhari is committed to open governance as his administration had signed a compact with Nigerians at the  London Anti-corruption summit 2016, with the aim to stem the tide of corruption and enhance citizens- centred participation in governance that will foster an open transparent system of government and public service delivery.

According to her, SERVICOM is to develop modalities for effective implementation of SERVICOM Units at the state level by ensuring that the State government appoints a lead person called Focal Officers, who will take charge of the SERVICOM Offices in these 7 pilot states to drive the process.

She further stated that services rendered at the state level will be rolled over to the local government areas across Nigeria, where there will be an establishment of SERVICOM Units that will bridge gaps and create government connectedness to the citizens.

Akajemeli reiterated governments’   readiness to train the Focal Officers through the process in MDA’s at the state’s Offices for citizens to have quality service delivery that is fair, timely, honest and accountable by working towards improved service delivery.

’ It is a new thinking of the government, that will drive sustained improvement of efficient service delivery in the states, she said’’.

The Coordinator further said, that, all the sectors will have their service charters as guidelines which in- turn will make service givers accountable at all times for services rendered to Nigerians across the federation.

In his welcome remarks the Executive Governor of Nassarawa State, Engineer Abdullahi Sule, said he was delighted to have his State as the first Pilot State adopted by SERVICOM to kick start the process of Open Government Partnership in Nigeria.

He pledged the support of his administration to collaborate with SERVICOM by ensuring the smooth implementation of this laudable initiative of the Federal Government of Nigeria.



The Federal Government of Nigeria through the SERVICOM Presidency Headquarters’ has given her scorecard by appraising the service delivery improvement process at the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) as highly commendable.

This appraisal was given today when the National Coordinator/ CEO SERVICOM attended the Grand Finale / Awards presentation at the Nigerian Immigration service Headquarters Abuja, toady 27th July 2020.

Akajemeli in her paper presentation commended the Nigeria Immigration Comptroller General (CGI), Muhammed Babadede, and his management team for their commitment to entrenching the culture of improved service delivery in the NIS.

The National Coordinator/ CEO stated that SERVICOM is determined to ensure that people get rewards for reformations and improved service delivery processes as at when due.

According to her, appraisals provide the opportunity to recognize and reward employees and ensure they feel valued for the work that they have done. Appraisal systems she said, always exist to improve organizational efficiency by ensuring that individuals perform to the best of their ability, develop their potential, and earn appropriate rewards . This in turn she said would lead to improved organizational performance.

She called on CEOs to always recognize employees and reward service excellence which is key to the reformation process ongoing in the NIS.

‘’This in turn would increase productivity at work, generate higher revenue, and most importantly increase customer satisfaction’’, she added.

Mrs. Akajemeli further said that the success and the failure of service delivery lie with the leadership of NIS, hence the central role that leadership plays in the achievement of our national ideals cannot be overemphasized.

In his welcome address the Comptroller General of Immigration Muhammed Babadede, MFR CGI said that it was with the guidance of SERVICOM Presidency that gave him the drive to attain these feats in NIS.

He further stated that service delivery improvement is key if our achievement must be validated by the public.

He called on the awardees and Officers in his Command to double up efforts and cooperate with each other to serve Nigerians right.



The Federal Government of Nigeria has called on key public sector bureaucrats to be fully committed in the process of the Open Government Partnership initiative of this administration.

This call was made when the National Coordinator / CEO SERVICOM, Mrs. Nnnena Akajemeli, made an advocacy visit to the Federal Ministry of Transportation today 24th July 2020 in Abuja.

The National Coordinator stated that the Open Government Partnership process demands high synergy with development Agencies, partners, and non- implementation of the revised standards in service charters by the MDA’s.

According to Akajemeli, due to centrality and the importance of the Federal Ministry of Transportation’s services to the citizens, the President has approved that the Ministry constitutes the first pilot project on the delivery on NAP 11 Commitment 15.

Mrs. Akajemeli, further said that  SERVICOM Presidency have selected two agencies under the purview of the Ministry’s  Department of Transport and Mass Transit Administration, such as Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency ( NIMASA) and Nigeria Ports Authority ( NPA), because of the nature of services they deliver to Nigerian citizen’s and high-level interface.

She stressed on the tremendous importance of improved service delivery commitment 15 roles of pilot MDA’s and reeled out the strategies SERVICOM will adopt as critical partners in this process.

The Coordinator explained that SERVICOM will carry out advocacies for total buy-in by the CEOs, key partners, and stakeholders on the implementation of improved service Delivery commitment.

She called on the MDA’’s to develop/ review the implementation of service standards as contained in their service charters of selected service windows in line with National Guidelines as well as the development of monitoring and reporting framework for implementation of selected service standards in charters of selected service windows.

Akajemeli said that ‘’We  will work in collaboration with your Ministry to put systems/mechanisms in place to ensure  that this implementation process and standards would be  assessed intermittently  by SERVICOM Presidency and the international Review Monitors ( IRM) OGP Headquarters, Washington DC.’’

For this process to succeed, MDA’s are to identify and nominate transformers/champions of reform who are Committee members from key technical service department (Nodal Officer and MDA Performance Monitoring and Reporting Team) that will ensure standard performance implementation, monitoring and reporting with terms of reference she added.

On the part of Non – State actors, Barrister Chris Ugwuala , assured Nigerians of their commitment to work with the 7 MDA ‘s within the thematic areas of the Open Government Partnership Process in Nigeria.

In his welcome address the Honourable Minister of Transportation His Excellency, Rotimi Ameachi, said that for Nigeria to attain a system review, reformation must come from within us.

He called on Nigerians to take full responsibility for their actions by adopting attitudinal change and work towards reforming the system through value re-orientation of our processes.


Henrietta Okokon (Mrs)

Public Awareness Manager (SERVICOM)



The National Coordinator / CEO SERVICOM Mrs. Nnenna Akajemeli has called on MDA’s to improve their service delivery status in order to drive the Open Government Partnership (OGP), process.

This call was made when she made an advocacy visit to Honourable Minister of Works and Housing His Excellency Babatunde Raji Fashola in his Office during the week.

Akajemeli, while presenting her paper, stated that the aim of the visit was for total commitment and a buy-in by MDA’s to drive the Open Government Partnership initiative of the Federal Government.

According to Coordinator, the Ministry of Works and Housing is one of the  7 MDA’’s within the 7 Thematic Area of OGP and that the Ministry has been carefully chosen to lead and showcase her success stories around Customers facing areas.


She stated that SERVICOM has been chosen as a lead Agency to drive this process of Open Governance and as a leader would be engaged in taking scorecards through evidence-based reports that will create awareness and raise standards.

Furthermore, SERVICOM will carry out hands-on engagements by regularly monitoring and tracking everyone that comes to take services in your service windows, she said.

Her expectations among others are for the Ministry to render acceptable and delightful services to the Nigerian citizen, she added.

In his welcome address, the Honourable Minister His Excellency Babatunde Raji Fashola, said that his Ministry is fully committed to ensuring that we cushion in very inclusiveness in the way and manner we carry out our processes of service delivery to Nigerians.

He pledged his support to collaborate with SERVICOM to frame up in a most positive way and increase its synergy in this process.


The Federal Government of Nigeria has set a pace in its service delivery initiative by keying into citizens centered service delivery through the Open Government Partnership program (OGP).

This assertion was made by the National Coordinator / CEO SERVICOM, Mrs. Nnenna Akajemeli, during the occasion of SERVICOM’s inaugural meeting of improved service delivery workgroup with State Actors and Non-State Actors  ( Civil Society Organizations) at the headquarters’ office in Abuja.

The National Coordinator stated that the Federal Government of Nigeria is changing the narratives for the better with OGP that will bring homegrown services to the people which will act as a stimulus for quality service delivery in Nigeria.

According to her, SERVICOM’s role as the lead agency for service improvement in the OGP process is geared towards ensuring that citizens are served right at all Government service points by working with established Ministerial SERVICOM Units ( MSU’s) in all MDA’s and state government to attain this goal.


SERVICOM she said, will contribute to the improvement in the quality of public service which involves availability, efficiency, and reliability equitable without hidden costs, transparency, and accountability in 7 selected pilot MDA’s.

Akajemeli said that the 7 MDA’s involved in the OGP process will be engaged as pilot project thereafter will be rolled over to other MDA’s of the government.  The 7 MDA ‘s are the Federal Ministry of Health, Federal Ministry of Education, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Federal Ministry of Power, Federal Ministry of Works and Housing, Federal Ministry of Transportation, and Federal Ministry of Aviation.

‘’We will engage and work within the four key principles areas governing the OGP process which are clearly stipulated as transparency, accountability, citizens participation and technology and innovation’’, she said.

The expected outcomes she said, will be to access transparent governance systems that are functional in these MDA’s and will be based on the demand of the public, as well as improved public servants’ value orientation and attitudinal changes significant for professionalism and excellent service delivery.

Mrs. Akajemeli urged Heads of MDA’s to pay close attention to issues bordering on staff welfare and motivation that will promote healthy competition, effective service delivery, and accountability in government.

She also called for support and professional counsel from the State Actors and Non –State Actors in the realization of the goals of the OGP and in the commitments being championed by the SERVICOM Office.

Earlier in his opening remarks, Mr. Benjamin Ogu Okolo, National Coordinator / CEO, represented by Barrister Chris Ugwuala urged participants to contribute to the successful implementation of the Commitments 15 and 16 under the service delivery process of OGP.

He further called for regular engagements, consultations, and sensitization of the OGP initiatives and for the actors involved to carry out regular reviews of the work plan and its implementation process.


                             Henrietta Okokon (Mrs)

                   Public Awareness Manager (SERVICOM)