The National Coordinator SERVICOM, Mrs Nnenna Akajemeli, has called for stronger networking in the Nigeria Police Force that would be more functional for service improvements in the Force.

This call was made during the week when the Coordinator paid a courtesy call on the Inspector General of Police Alkali Bala Usman in his office in Abuja.

Mrs Akajemeli while presenting her keynote address called on the IGP to revive the Ministerial SEVICOM Unit (MSU) to better meet customers’ perception in the services rendered to align with the purpose for which the Service Delivery Initiative was adopted for all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) of Government.

According to the National Coordinator when the Force have a functional Ministerial SERVICOM Units it will eliminate bottlenecks in the system, while the internal customers properly positioned to deal with the external customers that would empower staff of the Unit to function optimally as guidance and Counselling resource persons, foot soldiers and eyes of Management in all aspects of customer service.

She advised the force to review the service charter in line with SERVICOM and the principles of good customer care that is well published, accessible, transparent and simple to use system for dealing with complaints.

She further implored the IGP to take ownership of the SERVICOM initiative and provide the Unit with the necessary support needed as well as resources for the implementation of its service delivery processes.

This she said would assist the Police Force in the implementation, monitoring and reporting of standards as contained in the service charter.

She advised the Force to have a stronger partnership with the SERVICOM Office that  would have closer engagements with SERVICOM Presidency to reposition  the Force to deal with its external customers.

The Coordinator reiterated the fact that SERVICOM Presidency is working assiduously to ensure that the Nigerian Police Force runs an active SERVICOM Unit, where there would be a structured networking framework between the SERVICOM Office.

She stated that the Force need a medium and long term improvements in training and retraining of its work force that would enhance skills, knowledge and attitude for the provision of satisfactory services to the customers.

For the long term improvement, she called  for an urgent need for key stakeholders to discuss the way forward concerning security issues in the country that would ensure safety of lives and properties.

SERVICOM She said is seeking to establish strong partnerships and bonding between the Police and is public through engagements, enlightenment, and informing the public on  their radio station  for service delivery related matters and policing activities at the grassroots level  that would enhance community Policing and networking she added.

SERVICOM, office she said believes that with these collaborative efforts the Nigerian Police Force would become critical partners in actualizing continuous improvements on the quality of services delivered to the citizens.

Welcoming the Coordinator the Inspector General of PoliceUsman Alkali Baba, commended the National Coordinator on her efforts to reposition SERVICOM Units service wide, especially in the Force.

This he said would help departments to check excesses and ensure that the right things are done.

A reward will serve as a motivation, while punishments will serve as a deterrent.

He informed the Coordinator that henceforth , from directorate to the zonal levels everyone have been directed to create a SERVICOM Unit to put measures and yardsticks  on how they are discharging services which will bring collaborations, and synergy , feedback, guidance and counselling are all part of what we supposed to be.

The IGP stated that every component in the service delivery process is important to ensure the welfare and security of its citizens. Promising to support and engage with the SERVICOM Office to make Nigeria a safe society to live.