The National Coordinator/ CEO SERVICOM, Mrs. Nnenna Akajemeli has called for proper positioning of the customer service windows across the Zonal and States in MDAs that have zonal and States Offices across Nigeria in order to serve Nigerian Citizens right.

This call was made when the National Coordinator paid an advocacy visit to the Registrar / CEO of the Environmental Health Officers Registration Council of Nigeria (ECHON)recently.

In her briefing to the Registrar /CEO, Mrs. Akajemeli stated that for ECHON,” achieving quality service delivery is no longer a choice, the lives of citizens must be touched through ECHON services, such as registration of environmental health workers, environmental health technicians and health assistants”, she said

For ECHON to achieve such a strategic method must be deployed to deliver excellent service to citizens by going the extra mile to resolve complaints promptly.

Mrs.  Akajemeli commended the efforts of ECHON’s Management for leading service improvement in the Council and urged them to further support the SERVICOM Unit with needed funding and resources’ that would enhance Service Improvement and work plan implementation and to effectively carry out monitoring and assessment of service delivery activities in Zonal and State Offices.

She emphasized on the need for the Council to inaugurate her Parastatal SERVICOM Unit at the headquarters and also nominate Focal Officers in the Zonal / States Offices of the Council that would need to be trained and retrained to strengthened the capacity of the SERVICOM Unit and desk Officers to carry out its functions in line with the Councils Mandate.

According to the Coordinator continuous training and retraining of staff on all aspects of service delivery would equip them with requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes that would ensure sustained service improvement in the Council.

She pointed out the need to develop a framework to monitor performance against set standards stated in ECHON service charter, and to also conduct regular self-assessments and surveys to both the internal and external stakeholders on effectiveness of services you provide to citizens as key factor to improving performance.

The Coordinator reiterated that for ECHON to move forward there is a need for   implementation/ monitoring of standards in service charter that ought to be fully effected in order to ensure citizen- focused service delivery.

Furthermore, ECHON SERVICOM Committee should be activated and made to meet periodically to discuss service delivery issues and share experiences on how to improve services, local Parastatal SERVICOM Committee with membership from all Departments and Units should meet at least once a month while the Global Parastatals SERVICOM Committee with membership from Zonal / State Office should meet on quarterly basis.

ECHON she equally said, should adopt wider and far reaching information dissemination strategies   to ensure all customer groups are reached this may entail using community level approach, churches / mosques.

Earlier in his welcome remarks the Registrar/CEO Environmental Health Council of Nigeria, Dr. Yakubu Mohammed Baba, assured the SERVICOM Boss of the renewed vigor the Council is bringing to bear, by optimizing and digitization of the systems to ease the registration process for Nigerians as well, as put in place training faculties that would rebuild and rebrand their services to the Nigerian citizen.

He  further disclosed that, when  ECHON is rebranded the faculties benchmark would be upgraded to a higher National Public environmental sector with key focus on practitioners  that are skill based and professional in nature  to ensure efficient service delivery in Nigeria.



Henrietta Okokon

Public Awareness Manager/Head Press

SERVICOM Presidency