The National Coordinator SERVICOM Mrs Nnenna Akajemeli has called for more strategic collaborations with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to enhance and improve standards of Services in the commission.

This call was made when the National Coordinator/CEO SERVICOM paid an advocacy visit to the commissions headquarter in Abuja today, over the weekend.

Mrs Akajemeli stated that SERVICOM’s purpose for the visit is to look at the three key areas of services in the commission which are Investigation Service, prevention Service, Legal and Prosecution Service that are citizen’s focused and would match up with the expectations and needs of the people.

According to the Coordinator, beyond these standards, expectations are a key to quality service delivery of a Nation. She advised the Chairman to set up an anti – corruption crusade at the secondary schools to render preventive services in the mere future

She called on the EFCC boss to strategically position himself to stamp out corruption in the system and to streamline his service Charter to measureable standards that can be more accessible to the public.

With this, she said we can meet and exceed services, when this is achieved we can sustain synergy and service improvements in line with SERVICOM’s mandate through staff capacity building.

She advised the Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) boss to develop a frame work that would improve standards of service delivery in the commission.

This collaboration she said, would add more value to the Nation.

In his welcome remarks the Chairman Economic financial crimes commission (EFCC) Abdulrasheed Bawa stated that the commission has a Standards Operating Procedures (SOP’s) that they are digitalizing the process of forensic investigators in the commission.

He further stated that, Nigerians have to follow the system of digitalization of our process and procedures, so as to enable the commission to reduce high level of crime rates to the barest minimum.

He further stated that, the commission is working assiduously to ensure that services rendered are per with international best practices.

Henrietta Okokon (Mrs)

Public Awareness Manager


The National Coordinator/CEO SERVICOM, Mrs Nnenna Akajemeli has commended excellent service delivery in the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS).

This commendation was made recently at the commissioning of the resuscitated NIS contact (call) Centre and Chat Room at the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) Headquarters during the week.

Mrs Akajemeli further explained that, the effort of the Nigerian Immigration Service in restoring the Contact Centre and Chat room is highly commendable, and would bring about beneficial changes and likewise produce excellent service delivery.

She however highlighted that, the platform is exclusively initiated for connectedness by having people chat with NIS real time to create receptiveness to new ideas different from the familiar conventional way of operation and also for accountability purposes.

While commending the efforts of the Nigerian Immigration Service for extending the Contact (call) Centre to the States and Zonal levels, the National coordinator stated that the idea would give the SERVICOM office greater opportunities of taking services to the public.

In his welcome address, the comptroller General of Immigration Muhammad Babandede MFR Informed the National Coordinator that the Nigerian Immigration Service has come up with ideas to improve its service delivery process to Nigerians.

‘’we have made provision to a chat line for Nigerians to relate from any destination around the world’’ he said.

The Service he added have also put in place a payment platform, where forms are filled and completed for payments on line, furthermore he added that the service have also made provisions to have appointment systems in order to reduce stress for Nigerians.

Mr Babandede warned Nigerians not to patronize fake recruitments agents stating that the Nigerian Immigration Service recruitments would cut across the 774 Local Government Area Councils in the country, which will be done in a transparent and efficient manner.

 Henrietta Okokon (Mrs)

Public Awareness Manager

12th July, 2021.      

President Buhari Approves Re-Appointment of Servicom National Coordinator

President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the re-appointment of Nnenna Akajemeli as National Coordinator and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SERVICOM for a second term of four years with effect from April 10, 2021.

The Permanent Secretary, State House, Mr Tijjani Umar, disclosed this at the presentation of the Revised State House Service Delivery Charter on Friday in Abuja.

The Permanent Secretary congratulated the National Coordinator on her well-deserved re-appointment, saying, ‘‘she is a very hardworking person and who I have worked very closely with and she is very passionate in everything she does.’’

He also used the occasion of the presentation of the revised Service Charter to encourage public servants to put service delivery first and ‘‘not to be in a hurry to acquire material benefits.’’

‘‘For people who are in a hurry to make money, the public service is not about making money.

‘‘I usually advise colleagues, particularly the younger generation, not to be in a hurry for anything but to work hard and the reward will meet you where you are,’’ he said.

On State House Clinic, the Permanent Secretary told the meeting that the Clinic has become fully self-sufficient, commending medical workers for the visibly improved service delivery.

‘‘The new Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) wing has been completed and fully functional. State House Clinic was designated as a vaccination centre for COVID-19 and we have finalised arrangements for the Clinic to serve as a testing centre for COVID-19.

‘‘As a result of the pandemic, we built a Special Care Centre within 10 weeks and we also have a fully kitted functional Intensive Care Unit (ICU) on wheels and procured new vehicles.

‘‘We have also streamlined the process of the procurement and distribution of drugs to ensure accountability, and have deployed the use of ICT to improve our services in the Clinic.

‘‘Our Clinic may not be perfect but we are on the path to perfection,’’ he said.

In her remarks, the National Coordinator of SERVICOM described her reappointment as a call to do more in terms of improving service delivery in Nigeria.

‘‘We are working towards getting an Act to further drive and institutionalise service improvement in the country and we are also working towards a functional new national policy on SERVICOM to enhance trust and connectedness between the government and the citizenry,’’ she said.

Working with the Open Government Partnership (OGP), Akajemeli hinted that SERVICOM had plans to expand its frontiers to the States and local governments to improve the essence of governance.

Abiodun Oladunjoye

Deputy Director (Information)


The Federal Government of Nigeria has called for synergy in the MDA’s who are part of the c Open Government Partnership Initiatives (OGP) to be more accountable in their drive towards improvement in service delivery process in Nigeria.

This call was made when the National Coordinator/CEO SERVICOM, Mrs Nnenna Akajemeli paid an advocacy visit to the Director General of National Agricultural Seed Council to roll out the next phase of the OGP initiatives in his office within the week.

The National Coordinator said that the OGP presents a platform for co-creation, partnership and collaboration between governments (State Actors), Civil Society Organizations and also the Private Sector (Non State Actors) in achieving its’ developmental process

However she also stressed that, the fundamental objective of Mr President signing into the OGP commitments is to ensure full implementation of the process to fight corruption and ensure accountability, transparency, as well as improved service delivery to Nigerians.

According to her, this falls squarely within the SERVICOM mandate, consequently making the improved service delivery thematic area of commitment 15 and 16 to be included in NAP II with SERVICOM as the lead agency with an implementation period of 2 years, which is 2019 to 2022 respectively

Akajemeli further pointed out some Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) that would showcase the pilot phase of the OGP initiatives for the improved Service Delivery in the 7th thematic area which the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) where included.

Nevertheless, she also called for the role of SERVICOM at the Sub-National (State and Local Government) Level and to enact SERVICOM Bill and also develop SERVICOM Policy In those areas which are Nasarawa, Kastina, Bauchi, Ekiti, Imo, and Delta State.

She added that the way forward of the OGP to accomplish full commitment is a total buy-in by key public sector bureaucrats, high synergy with development Agencies and partners and implementation of the revised Standards in Service Charter by MDAs.

In her  words, ‘’ SERVICOM as a cadre in MDAs will positively give MSUs staff the  Zeal to embrace and drive the initiative effectively, and also the enactment of legislative instrument to back the improved Service Delivery Initiative (ISDI),  as well as massive citizens/customers awareness campaign to demand for quality service delivery’’ she added.

While speaking on the Improved Service Delivery-Commitment 15 and 16 and also the role of MDAs as Pilots, the National Coordinator pointed out some strategies in which the (Federal Department of Agriculture extension services department) and the National Agricultural Seeds Council (NASC) would be  working as critical partners which includes Advocacy for total commitment and buy-in by Permanent-Secretaries, Department Heads and Director-General of the National Agricultural Seeds Council (NASC) and key partners/stakeholders on implementation of improved Service delivery commitment through the pilot projects

The coordinator called on, MDAs/CEOs in collaboration with SERVICOM Office to put systems/mechanisms in place to ensure implementation of service standards within the delivery period of OGP NAPII, and that they should endeavour to spearhead, own and support their staff sensitization for the project and awareness campaign for their service takers.

Akajemeli said that, improving Service Delivery for citizens/customers’ satisfaction, is hinged on implementing the outlined SERVICOM Strategies with MDAs that would foster Openness, Transparency, Accountability and co-creation in Services delivered within the time frame which would in-turn translate to good governance.

In his welcome address the Director General National Agricultural Seed Council (NASC) Dr. Philip Olusegun Ojo, who was represented by Dr. Ishiak Khalid, Director Seed certification and quality control stated that NASC is lucky to be numbered as one of the Agencies to run the process of Open Government Partnership (OGP), initiatives of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Moreover, he also said that the National Agricultural Seeds Council (NASC) technical department is working assiduously to establish and ensure that Nigerian citizens get yielding seedlings and are not short-aged.

According to him ‘’ it is not our business to delay customers business’’ and he gave the councils full commitment and buy-in to support SERVICOM in the drive to attain improvements in Service delivery  initiatives of Mr President through the OGP process.



Henrietta Okokon (Mrs)

Public Awareness Manager SERVICOM


The Federal Government Nigeria has applauded the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) for receiving Airport Service Quality Awards from the Airports Council International, an industry recognition of the best Airports in the world to Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport by size and region (5 to 15 million passengers per year in Africa)  amongst over three Hundred Airports worldwide.

The National Coordinator further commended the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) in her efforts to ensure efficient services that would prolong very strong and friendly customer service experiences across all the airports.

She stated that, this award is coming in timely in line, with the comments given to SERVICOM as a lead Agency for improved service delivery initiatives through the platform of Open Government Partnership (OGP).

This commendation was made when the National Coordinator/CEO SERVICOM, Mrs Nnenna Akajemeli paid an Open Government Partnership (OGP) advocacy visit to the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), in Abuja.

The National Coordinator said that the Open Government Partnership (OGP) is a global coalition of reformers from government and civil society who diligently work together to make government more transparent, participatory and accountable in other to truly serve and empower citizens.

According to her, this falls squarely within the SERVICOM mandate, consequently making the improved service delivery thematic area of commitment 15 and 16 to be included in NAPII with SERVICOM as the lead Agency, meanwhile the fundamental objective of Mr. President signing into the OGP commitments is to ensure full implementation of the process to fight corruption, ensure accountability as wells as providing improved service delivery to all Nigerians.

Mrs Nnenna further stated that, due to the centrality and importance of the Federal Airports Authority’s services to the citizens, the president has approved that the organization should constitute the first of the pilot project on the delivery on NAP II Commitment 15 and 16.

Furthermore, while speaking on the importance of the FAAN services to the citizens, Mrs. Nnenna Akajemeli told the Managing Director that SERVICOM has selected some service windows to work with, in which she made mention of the Ministry of Aviation (Air Transport Management Department)

The Federal Airports Authority (FAAN) with Directorates/Departments such as: Directorate of Airport Operations, Department of legal Services/Board Secretariat, Environmental Services Department, Revenue/Cargo Directorate, Directorate of Aviation Security, SERVICOM Department, Information and communication Technology Department, Airport Planning and Technical Service Department and the Directorate of finance and Accounts.


She added that, SERVICOM would implement strategies while working as partners with FAAN in order for them to identify and nominate transformers/champions of reformers that would ensure service standards performance implementation, monitoring and reporting with terms of reference.

Akajemeli further stated that, the committee members for these implementation are representatives from the Ministry of Aviation (Air Transport Management), the FAAN selected Directorates/Departments, and the six selected Airports which amongst them include the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos.

However, the Coordinator urged Chief Executive Officers of Ministry Departments and Agencies to support technical team conducting service charter performance monitoring activities (Internal data gathering and analysis) and also carry out Bi-weekly review meetings with performance Monitoring and Reporting Teams with SERVICOM to review progress and validate improvements made.

In her words, ‘’SERVICOM would be working with developmental Partners such as the DFID, PERL and others, for technical and financial support of the pilot project’’ she stated.

Nevertheless, Mrs. Nnenna also made reference to the Role of Non-State Actors/CSO, in which she stressed out that their main function is to seek regular information gathering on government activities and operations, attend public hearings (SERVICOM Bill), conduct citizen’s satisfaction surveys and provide feedbacks on service delivery from public institutions.

Mrs. Akajemeli spoke on the next steps which is to receive reports from SERVICOM on the outcome of the meetings, compose service improvement Reform Champions/ Technical Team (MSU and relevant Technical Departments), she also said ‘’ SERVICOM Office will invite the Reform Champions Technical Team for a Service Charter Development/Review Workshop and Articulate plans for driving service improvement further’’ she added.

The National Coordinator said that Improving Service Delivery for citizens’ satisfaction is hinged on implementing the outlined SERVICOM strategies with the MDAs as the wheels to derive continuous citizens focused service improvement, and this would foster Openness, inclusiveness and Co-creation in services delivered by MDAs that would translate to good governance.

In his welcome address, the Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, Captain Rabiu Hamisu Yadudu, Stated that FAAN is a Service Delivery Agency where services are rendered to customers effectively.

He further stated that, the visit would strengthen more collaboration and boost a robust working relationship with SERVICOM, to promote improved services to the Nigerian citizens. In his words ‘’ when you hear from stakeholders you will not hear from social media platforms’’ he stated.

Moreover, he pledged his commitment and support to the Open Government Partnership (OGP) initiatives of this administration.




Public Awareness Manager

Henrietta Okokon  (Mrs.)



The National Coordinator and Chief Executive Officer SERVICOM, Mrs Nnenna Akajemeli has said that capacity development training is key to fostering improvements in service delivery processes in MDAs.

This disclosure was made when she flagged- off a week long capacity growth development training on horsemanship in service delivery organized by SERVICOM for the Nodal / Focal Officers from various Ministries Departments and Agencies (MDAs), during the weekend  in Owerri , Imo State.

Mrs Akajemeli stated that the training was put in place to bring about a commitment that would leave a lasting positive attitudinal change for every participant that would culminate into improvements in service delivery processes in MDAs.

According to the Coordinator, as part of SERVICOM‘s mandate the programme would arm officers to gain mastery of people and situations in order for them to act professionally despite the negative attitudes of customers in the post Covid 19 era.

She said that the programme was designed to help service providers  have a better understanding of the services they are to render and communicate same through their service charters for quality service delivery experience for  the citizens.

 The Coordinator further stated that the training is in line with SERVICOM’s mandate, which is to build skills of public servants in order to deliver excellent services by promoting best practice in service delivery.

Akajemeli also said that the expected outcome of the training workshop was to strengthen the SERVICOM foot soldiers on how to close Service delivery gaps and failures and implement service improvement measures that would enhance quality services in all MDAs.

Mr Ambrose Okpalake the training Consultant with Ascellon International Training Consultancy Firm  in his remarks said that, the training programme would  give ownership , understanding and situation management skills to participants on service delivery with relation to its environments ( MDA) as they differ in responsibility to the Nigerian citizens.

He further stated that the horsemanship programme would also equip participants with mastery and requisite knowledge for quality service delivery implementation, its measure and growth especially in the post Covid – 19 era.


The National Coordinator/CEO SERVICOM, Mrs. Nnenna Akajemeli has said that inclusivity is key towards improvements in service delivery processes in Nigeria.

She disclosed this during the Celebration of 2020 Customer Service Week held yesterday in Abuja with the theme “Dream Team”. The theme she said, highlights the importance of team spirit in the drive for improvements in service delivery initiatives which is part of SERVICOM’s mandate.

In her remarks, The National Coordinator emphasized on the importance of working as a team, adding that “team work conquers it all” and “a journey of a thousand miles she said, begins with a step”. SERVICOM is here to ensure that Nigerian citizens receive proper and quality services whenever the need arises, she added.

Akajemeli said that Customer Service Week is observed World- Wide in every first week of October to celebrate outstanding service givers who worked hard to give customers quality service delivery at the various service windows and the service takers who give feedback to enhance improvement processes.

The National Coordinator said that the Customer Service Week is also the perfect time for teams to boost the morale, motivate service takers and reward frontline service givers in MDA’s for the services rendered to customers excellently well.

Mrs. Akajemeli pointed out that a service focused dream team acts as one, believes in each other, shares the workload, embraces a common vision and above all is committed to excellence at all times.

The National Coordinator used the medium to appreciate the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Barr. Boss Mustapha, and the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on Covid-19  and all other front liners such as  our medical personnel ,the Nigerian Army, the police,  the para –military, journalists, and the our Nodal Officers in all MDAs and all Nigerians for their resilience in the fight against this dreaded pandemic.

Akajemeli further thanked these noble Nigerians for their outstanding role and services rendered to the Nigerian citizens during the Covid- 19 lockdown and their ability to contain the covid -19 pandemic as well as the issuance of guidelines to Nigerians to ensure that the infection rate is being managed to the barest minimum.