Highlight of Episode 91 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme.

Episode 91 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme held on 1st October 2019, The National Coordinator /Chief Executive Officer of SERVICOM, Mrs Nnenna  Akajemeli appreciated Brekete family  and those adding value to Nigeria by their prayers and good works.

“Today is our 59th independence anniversary so let us sit and think of the value we have brought to the table. What we will remember this government for is the quality of work and services we received from them and that is what connects people to government and makes them to believe in Nigeria.

“I wish Nigeria well as I say happy independence and as we reflect on this day, let us think about  what we will do for Nigeria to be better for us and for the coming generation”, She further added.

A Public Awareness Staff in SERVICOM Office, Mr Tony Ochelebe emphasized on National Unity and Service Delivery, saying “National unity is the acceptance of other ethnic component of Nigeria into the Nigerian nation, that means the Hausa’s, Igbo, Yoruba and Ighala accept each other as part of Nigeria and because of that acceptance, we come together for the realisation of the Nigerian dream”.

“Our Nigerian dream is very modest which is food availability, security, shelter, access to education and health care. These can be achieved   when we come together as a people through service delivery and that is what SERVICOM is all about”, Tony said,

He encouraged providers of service to “Serve others the way you want to be served which is our SERVICOM golden rule, when people come to take service, treat them the way you would like them to treat you because you are also a service taker somewhere”.

He gave an update on resolved complaints by Nigerian Immigration Service and Road Safety where Passport and Driving Licence of 3 complainants were released to them following SERVICOM’s intervention.

There were no emerging issues for SERVICOM to handle.