Highlight of Episode 67 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme.

Episode 67 of the SERVICOM help desk Radio programme held on the 14th May 2019. The National Coordinator /Chief Executive SERVICOM, Mrs Nnenna  Akajemeli  appreciated the Ordinary President, the Brekete family and those challenging service failure by bringing up complaints of their experiences of service failure.

According to the SERVICOM Coordinator, “We bring Chief Executive Officers  and top Management of MDAs so that they can tell us what Government has said they should be doing and how well they are doing it as well as how  well they are touching the lives of Nigerians through the services they give. So today we brought Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to tell us what they do and how citizens can benefit from their services.

The Public Awareness Manager, Ms. Patience Musa said SERVICOM works to facilitate effective public service delivery and connects service takers to service providers for service improvement and complaints redressal.

She said the SERVICM Office had been receiving positive feed-back from some complainants on how intervention by the Office had brought about resolution of their complaints.

“Just yesterday a mid-wife Mrs Grace Emmanuel that we had intervene over her complaints of  none payment of 6 months pending allowance emailed us to say she and other of her colleagues have been paid by the National Primary Health Care Development Agency”, she said

On the issue of Miss. Blessing Onu, the National Coordinator said the person that  is suppose to come to the studio was still in the hospital following an accident, and noted that “this case shows that there is a gap in the system and that is why we are following up on NBTE that supervises  all Polytechnics  in Nigeria, let them use this case and find out what is happening and fill the service gaps”.

Dr. Eremotimi Agama who represented the SEC said “ our responsibility as SEC is to provide services to Nigerians through the regulation of the capital market and the development of the capital market, we are one of the organisations that have  double mandate, Our business is to look over investments when people buy shares and commodities and also how they do it”, he said.

He said that there are people in the stock Exchange business who do not mean well for Nigerians, whereby SEC has been given the responsibility to deal with them, adding that “We are the Police of the Nigerian capital market”.

He called on Nigerians to be vigilant of fraudsters and Ponzi schemes, saying “not all that glitters is gold, some of the business are Ponzi Schemes, Nigerians should be careful”.

He explained that What usually leads to unclaimed dividend is change of name and address without notification to SEC, and said people with issues on shares or unremitted dividends should not hesitate to contact any SEC office as such cases would be speedily addressed and if need be, taken to the police for their action.

”If you are in doubt about anything call SEC on 094621168. we have a special office that deals with complaint all over the world, that unit works with the SERVICOM unit to provide service to the public.”, he assured.

Members of the Brekete family in the studio who had complaints relating to Shares or dividends, had the opportunity of being connected to SEC officials for speedy intervention and resolution of their complaints. No complaints were directed to the SERVICOM Office