Highlight of Episode 65 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme.

Episode 65 of the SERVICOM help desk Radio programme held on the 30th May 2019. The Public Awareness Manager, Miss Patience  Musa  conveyed the appreciation of the SERVICOM National Coordinator to the Ordinary President, the Brekete family and Nigerians for their support to the impacts of the  programme. Mr Emmanuel Ututah of the SERVICOM Public Awareness  Unit was also in the studio.

Taking a cue from the message of the Ordinary President on Family values, Miss Patience Musa advised parents and guardians to be close to their children or wards in order to know when things are going wrong so that they can intervene immediately they notice anything unusual.

She said this was one of the ways that we can have a better society since the family plays a vital role in the society.

Following the narration of a sister to Miss Zainab  Aliyu,  the Nigerian young lady who was sentenced to death by Saudi Arabian government for alleged Drug Trafficking and the proof that the sister was innocent of the offence, the SERVICOM representative lent her voice for the intervention of the Presidency and all relevant agencies, for the release of the innocent girl.