Highlight of Episode 111 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme

The Episode 111 of the SERVICOM help desk Radio programme held on the 25th of February 2020 and  had as it guest the Securities and Exchange Commission, (SEC). The National Coordinator /Chief Executive of SERVICOM, Mrs Nnenna Akajemeli in company of the Public Awareness Manager, Mrs Henrietta Okokon and Mr Tony Ochelebe appreciated the Ordinary President and Brekete family for the opportunity given to SERVICOM office.

The representatives of Securities and Exchange Commission, Mrs Ogar Agatha, SERVICOM Nodal Officer and Dr. Timi Agama, HOD, Registration, exchanges and Marketing Information Department took time to inform the public what they do. Dr.Agama said, the investment and securities act 2007 empowers them and section 13 A of the law states that only Securities and Exchange Commission has the power to regulate securities and investment in Nigeria.

‘’For you to do securities and investment business in Nigeria, you must get permission from Securities and Exchange Commission’’, Mr Agama said.  He further stated that if someone doesn’t register the products or business with SEC it may not be correct. When a group of people tells you they will give you a higher percentage after certain period, it’s a red flag and calls for suspicion, it may be a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme.

For you to ask for money from more than 50 people, you must register with Securities and Exchange Commission, Dr Agama said.  There are genuine businesses in Nigeria registered by SEC like Mutual funds or collective investment scheme which professional investors we know will do for you and if they fail, we will arrest and prosecute them,  Dr. Agama  therefore  advised citizens to be careful. You can reach us through this medium he said 094621168, sec@sec.gov.ng .

The National Coordinator intimated  Elder Emma Okoro  that, it’s the issues he raised that is making SERVICOM office  bring Ministries Department and Agencies (MDA’s) to come and tell vulnerable Nigerians what they don’t know and to help the process work better for all of us. The National Coordinator thanked the Ordinary President and told him the congratulatory Anniversary letter SERVICOM wrote is from our heart and how we feel because of the support he has given so far, she added that most Nigerians have become more conscious of service delivery in MDA’s now.