Highlight and Matters arising from Episode 211 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme

The Episode 211 of the SERVICOM help desk Radio programme held on the 11th of April 2023, the National Coordinator, Mrs  Nnenna  Akajemeli  and  Mrs Henrietta  Okokon  of  the Public Awareness Unit  where in the studio.

The SERVICOM office brought the National Data Protection Bureau (NDPB) to enlighten Nigerians on the importance of the protection of their Data which borders on their ‘’Identity’’, the information may be sensitive or non-sensitive.  Doctor Vincent  Olatunji, National Commissioner and CEO NDPB, Established on 4th February 2022 mainly to protect the right, freedom and privileges of Nigerians where ever your Data is collected and stored.

Doctor Vincent spoke on Data subjects, Data controller and Data processor,  he said your Data must be protected with any organisation collating your Data. Any organisation that wants Data must tell you what they want to do with it, who they want to shear it with and you have the right to demand and make amendment on your Data.

Malicious use of your Data is illegal especially by Loan companies, Doctor Vincent said. He further advised citizens to read through any request asking them to Click Accept or Reject when they apply for a Loan or something else, section 37 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria also talks about the protection of your private Data, he added.

Our Bill on Data protection in the National Assembly has passed the first and second Reading in other to give the Bureau a Legislative Backing, you can request for your Data rectification when you feel it’s not correct. Doctor Vincent said. The Office Of The Secretary  To The Government Of The Federation issued a Circular on the 7th of November 2022 to all MDA’s to comply with the provisions of the Law by ensuring they put in place their privacy policy, Data protection officers and file their annual report with the bureau and they have complied, Doctor Vincent added.

Data protection is a job creation opportunity as those involve can get paid for it and one of the things we do is to Train people and they get their certification through different organisations. Citizens can reach us at www.ndpb.gov.ng, phone number- 09160615551 he concluded.


There were no emerging issues for SERVICOM to attend to.

Mrs Henrietta  Okokon.

Public Awareness Manager.