Highlight and Matters arising from Episode 210 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme

The Episode 210 of the SERVICOM help desk Radio programme held on the 4th of April 2023, the National Coordinator, Mrs  Nnenna  Akajemeli  and  Mrs Henrietta  Okokon  of  the Public Awareness Unit  where in the studio.

The Public Awareness Manager spoke on the Topic ‘’Impotance of Work Plan as an Effective Tool for Enhancing Work flow in service delivery process in the MDA’s’’. work  plan is a  written document  designed to streamline a particular project, it also represent a formal road map for an activity you want to carry out in your  organisation for the year, it is also a platform used as a guiding document that helps you realise and get effective team collaboration in you organisation, it is very detailed, has time line, information of responsibilities and Budgetary provision  with expected outcome.

The SERVICOM office encourages MDA’s to send in their work plan for us to measure their standard and score the MDA according to performance during presentations at the Quarterly Breakfast meeting, she added. One of the objectives of work plan is to bridge customer service’s  with service providers, it is an effective tool for accountability for MDA’s and to also hold Government responsible.

Increasing productivity is also one of the benefits of a work plan, it improves your work balance, helps MDA’s to focus on their goals, enhances work flow and teaches you to prioritise your work and control your time.

The N.C added that, the essence of a work plan is to organise us to get better result in our organisation. She encouraged service providers to always plan, set goals and standards and the result will be pleasant.


There were no emerging issues for SERVICOM to attend to.

Mrs Henrietta  Okokon.

Public Awareness Manager.