Highlight and Matters arising from Episode 204 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme.

The Episode 204 of the SERVICOM help desk Radio programme held on the 14 of February 2023 been Valentine Day, the National Coordinator, Mrs  Nnenna  Akajemeli  and  Mrs Henrietta  Okokon of  the Public Awareness Unit  where in the studio. The NC said the best Love you can sure to anyone is to serve them well and this translates to touching  Lives  around you especial as a service provider in different MDA’s of Government.

The N.C Advised Daddy Polycarp, a former Staff of the  defunct  Savanah Sugar Company to write an update to  the SERVICOM Office so we can further engage with Ministry of Finance  for the others Staff to receive their payment.

A Complainant,  Mr Akpan Effiong. Who had issues  non completion of Retirement Benefit  with Pencom and his PFA  was asked to come to  the SERVICOM Office. The SERVICOM Office engaged with Pencom to see to the resolution of the complaint. The N.C added that Pencom will need to come to the Studio to enlighten Nigerians on the process and as well address the issue in other to have improvement and re-occurrence of the complaints.

The Public Awareness Manager, Mrs Henrietta  Okokon spoke on the  Topic; promoting  Attitudinal change in the work place towards effective service delivery in MDA’s. she said, this is the Attitude that MDA’s put up in the their work place and that is why SERVICOM holds them Accountable through their service Charter.

The Awareness Manager said, there are positive and negative attitude, the Positve one is that which the customer experiences a pleasant service. There are factors that promotes attitudinal change in the work place and this comprises of the Values, Believes and Norms that influences an individual, she said. Your attitude can influence your carrier, when you change your attitude, you change your Life as you cannot control what goes on around you but can control how you respond to them, she added.


Below is an emerging issues for SERVICOM to attend to

1. Mr Akpan Effiong Non completion of Retirement benefit payment of Pension by Pencom SERVICOM to follow up. NC


Team  B.


Mrs Henrietta  Okokon.

Public Awareness Manager.