Highlight and Matters arising from Episode 179 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme.

The Episode 179 of the SERVICOM help desk Radio programme held on the 31th of May 2022, the National Coordinator, Mrs  Nnenna  Akajemeli  and  Mrs Henrietta Okokon the Public Awareness Unit where in the studio to discuss service improvement. The NC reacted to the issues raised by two complainants on Medical ground concerning the death of his wife and the lost of a Leg of one of the complainants in the studio due to negligence and unprofessional conduct of a Doctor and Hospital.

She said the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria will be engaged by SERVICOM to look into the matter and proffer solution to avoid future occurrences as best and professional practices were not observed in handling the patients concerned and promised to subsequently  give update on the issue.


There were no other emerging issues for SERVICOM to attend to