Highlight and Matters arising from Episode 141 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme.

The Episode 141 of the SERVICOM help desk Radio programme held on the 17th of August 2021, the National Coordinator Mrs Nnena  Akajemeli , the Public Awareness  Manager  Mrs Henrietta  Okokon were in the Studio to enlighten the Public on service delivery matter. The NC spoke on the topic ‘’Benefit of Speaking Out’’ and said SERVICOM has provided platforms for people to speak out if they are not satisfied with a particular service as this helps to add value and hold service providers accountable.

Silence means consent is a customer do not speak out thereby making the service provider thinks they are doing well the NC said, it is expedient for customers to speak out when they are not satisfied with services rendered as this will keep service providers conscious that people are watching. She further added that some MDA’s like Immigration have live chat on their website where customers can report cases of extortion and it will be attended to immediately.

We can add value to the system by expressing our concerns on the services of MDA’s by speaking out, the various Agencies can call for a Town Hall Meeting with their stake holders to access their service perspective, she said. Having functional phone numbers on MDA’s website can help customers access them for complaint which can help improve their service delivery process, she added.

Consultant IK advised SERVICOM to set up a team to check if the contact phone numbers some MDA’s website are functional an; the NC promised to take it up and roll it over to other MDA’s as we did for FCT Hospital and Nodal Officers number has been published for service takers to call if they are not satisfied with services they receive.



Below  are emerging  issues  for SERVICOM to attend to.

S/N Complainant Issue Remark Responsibility
1. Amb Potopoto from France Unreasonable chargers for Immigration Passport SERVICOM to invite Immigration to the Studio for explanation. NC


Team B