Highlight of Episode 101 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme.

The Episode 101 of the SERVICOM help desk Radio programme Held on the 4th of December 2019 and featured the representatives of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to continue from where they stopped the previous day. The National Coordinator /Chief Executive of SERVICOM, Mrs  Nnenna Akajemeli  was represented by the Head of Operation,  Mrs  Jumai Abdullahi and Mr Tony Ochelebe.

Mr Abdulsalam Umar, Assistant General Manager SERVICOM in NHIS, commented on the issue of a Police Officer, Sargent Mohammed Baba Ayo with Force Number 395361 who was involved in an accident since 2011 and advised that enrolees should contact NHIS whenever they have issues.

Mr Kingsley said, the HMO that handles Nigerian Police is Police HMO so they have their own HMO that takes care of Police Officers. Dr Saladin from NHIS said the case of the Police Officer is covered under one of their packages and falls under secondary services and that NHIS has a referral protocol. The primary provider is supposed to call the Police HMO to give authorization code to refer him to a secondary health care provider which is an Orthopaedic Clinic.

Dr Saladin said they operate on the National essential drug list in NHIS which are the Generic and Branded.  Mr Umar said no matter how good a system is, there is room for improvement.  Most enrolees have an opinion that Generic drugs are better than Branded.




Highlight of Episode 100 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme.

The Episode 100 of the SERVICOM help desk Radio programme Held on the 3rd of December 2019 and featured the representatives of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). The National Coordinator /Chief Executive of SERVICOM, Mrs Nnenna Akajemeli  was represented by the Head of Operation,  Mrs Jumai Abdullahi and Mr Tony Ochelebe.  Mr Abdulsalam Umar, Assistant General Manager SERVICOM in NHIS and Mr Ewerem Kingsley, Senior Officer ICT/Customer Care came as representatives of NHIS.

Mrs Jumai said to day is our 100 Episode of the SERVICOM Help Desk Programme and thanked Brekete Family, the Ordinary President on behalf of the National Coordinator for the support they have been given SERVICOM. We have succeeded in speaking to Nigerians and tell them about their Rights. We have brought different organisations to tell Nigerians what they do.

Chef Fatima brought a Cake for SERVICOM to celebrate it 100 Episode. Mr Tony recounted the challenges faced while responding to concerns from complainants, series of calls and how citizens call with complaint that do not even relate to SERVICOM’s mandates, the sleepless night etc, and said the 100th Episode was worth celebrating. Mrs Jumai said it has been a beautiful experience but we will not be quick to praise ourselves rather those that benefited from the services should.

Mrs Jumai said the National Coordinator is an extra-ordinary person, stating that her subordinates try to catch-up with her most times and she does not leave anybody behind that is why despite her absence there is no vacancy, she said they must come and tell Nigerians SERVICOM is there for them, they should continue to come to us because we are ready and open.

“We don’t delay in responding to complaints and many people have benefited from SERVICOM, even those that thought their cases were hopeless have had their cases resolved. The National Coordinator uses her strength, resources and staff to get things done, she has personalised the issue of complaint resolution in Nigeria” she said.

The Ordinary President took time to shower encomium on the SERVICOM office, he appreciated the National Coordinator, the pro-active people working with her, he thanked the staffs, securities and cleaners and said SERVICOM have even resolved issues outside this country. Mrs Jumai appreciated the Ordinary President for what he has been doing for SERVICOM, the various MDA’s and said when call them they come. She appreciated the desk officers and those working at the background to achieve the success story we are telling today. She appreciated those that gave cake’s to SERVICOM for the celebration.

Mr Umar said NHIS was established by act 35 of the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, NHIS is a social health programme that the government designed to complement the sources of financing the health sector and mainly to ensure that all Nigerian have access to health care service. He added that they have been able to cover millions of Nigerians, the whole idea is for universal health coverage that at the end of the day, each Nigerian will be able to access health coverage with very little amount of money.

NHIS is 20years based on the act; part of what we do in NHIS SERVICOM unit is to see how the enrolee’s and Nigerians perceive our services and results have been good, Mr Umar said. We have 3 offices in Abuja and enrolees can meet us there, on feedback mechanism, every MDA have a complaint procedure which is the grievance redress mechanism, NHIS visit health maintenance organisations (HMO) whose main aim is to facilitate access to health care service for those that contribute to NHIS.

Mr. Umar who said there are have 55 HMOs registered with NHIS also advised customers to try resolving their grievances at the level of the HMOs before escalating to NHIS if such grievances are not resolved.

While responding to allegation the SERVICOM Officers are given preferential treatment at service points,  Mr Tony said no SERVICOM Officer discloses his/her identity at service point for the purpose of mystery shopping. Mrs Jumai said she goes for mystery shopping and sees a lot of things; NHIS should improve in their policies, take feedback to management and improve on their service.

Mr Umar said they regulate HMOs and take complaints from enrolees and act on them. He further said that their job is a shared responsibility between the citizens and NHIS.

Citizens/enrolee could checkout NHIS’ website: www.nhis.gov.ng  and send mails to: email- em@nhisnigeria.org.






Highlight of Episode 99 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme.

The Episode 99 of the SERVICOM help desk Radio programme Held on the 26th of November 2019 featured the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM). The National Coordinator /Chief Executive of SERVICOM, Mrs  Nnenna  Akajemeli, appreciated the Brekete Family and thanked  God for the support we get from human rights Radio, she appreciated all those rendering services in ministries, department and agencies and said those that are doing well should continue to do well, for ignoring customers ,this is an opportunity for them to improve.

The essence of government establishing an office to render service to customers that have expectations lets therefore work to meet that expectations. The NAICOM representatives, Mr Ibenaye Timileyemoye, Nodal Officer said, NAICOM stated as a department in the Federal Ministry of Finance before the former Military Head of State, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida set up National Supervisory Board but became National Insurance Commission through an act in 1999.

Our mandate, he said is to ensure the effective supervision and Administration Institution of Insurance Companies in Nigeria which are, institutions, brokers, lost adjuster and insurance agents. Our Mission is to be one of the leading regulators in the emergent market. The Act empowers NAICOM to set up a complaint bureau to address issues from policy stake holders, those who have problem with their Insurance Company can come to us and we take up their issue.

If anybody has an issue with an insurance company, we advise them to write their complaint to the commissioner of insurance. We advise policy holders that have issues with insurance companies to please write their complaint letters address to the Commissioner for Insurance NAICOM,  Ladoke  Akintola  Boulivard, Wuse2   Abuja.

One of the challenge we have is that, people don’t know where they channel their complaint to, the prefer going to SERVICOM. It is only when we can’t handle your problem that you go to SERVICOM he said.

Mr Rasak Salami, Spokes Person and Head, Commissioner for Insurance Directorate of NAICOM said one of their primary purpose is the protection of policy holders, this are people that go to the Insurance company to buy an Insurance product, we ensure that the contract you have entered with the insurance company is respected.

Insurance is about claims payment, when an insurance company fails to pay after you file a claim, report to us we will take it up from there that is why we have a complaint bureau unit that attends to complaints from all policy holders and insurance companies especially when individuals tries to defraud an insurance company by coming up with false claims.

When a Luxurious Bus company takes a comprehensive Motor Insurance policy, everybody is covered; the money is given to the insured who may now give to the passengers or their next of Kin since they have their manifest. The National Coordinator SERVICOM said there is a poll of funds made available by government for on-insured drivers please explain to the masses, Mr  Rasak replied that NAICOM is self- funded therefore  don’t  get any money from the government, so there is no poll of funds anywhere from the federal government, the money we gave then was for hit and run victims.

We are a regulatory body he said, Comprehensive insurance is not made compulsory all over the world. We have third party insurance of 5,000 that gives you a cover of up to one million (1,000,000) and in the case of death, it is unlimited. NAICOM has always advised the public that when you are to take insurance cover, go to the insurance companies that sells it.




Highlight of Episode 98 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme.

The Episode 98 of the SERVICOM help desk Radio programme Held on the 19th of November 2019. The National Coordinator /Chief Executive of SERVICOM, Mrs Nnenna Akajemeli, appreciated the Brekete Family and said today we are talking about service delivery, people should do what they are asked to do in MDA’s. The service taker is the main person, when services are not given to him in a timely and efficient manner that means services have served the people and it is not done, it gives birth to corruption.

Today is World global day for toilet, Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs) should put this into consideration in serving the people, part of the reception experience for a customer is having a clean toilet. A dirty toilet has health implications therefore the broken ones also should be fixed so that the customer can go home happy.

Service providers should look around them especially in the Federal Secretariat and fix their toilet because if Disease breaks out it will affect both the service providers, everybody should therefore join hands and do the right thing.



Highlight of Episode 97 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme.

The Episode 97 of the SERVICOM help desk Radio programme Held on the 12th of November 2019. The National Coordinator /Chief Executive of SERVICOM, Mrs Nnenna Akajemeli, appreciated the Brekete Family and said we brought Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB). The NC took time to explain why SERVICOM office brings service providers (MDA’s) to the studio. One of the things we do is to engage service takers with givers, let out information on how customers can get better service, connect ordinary citizens to government as this helps in improving confidence and trust in government. We facilitate this relationship so that people can get what they supposed to get from government.

Citizens should hold service providers more accountable, we bring them here to tell us what they do and what the government set them up for in other for citizens to get quality service. The representative C.C.B, Mr S.I Abu said the office was established since 1989, this was also enshrined in the 1999 constitution that an office of this magnitude should oversee the high standard of government business and ensure that the actions and behaviour of public officers conforms to the highest standard of morality and accountability.

He added that any person government employ or appoint or even elected by the people to represent them must do their work morally without cheating or stealing, he must be accountable to avoid issues in the future, the government also established the Code of Conduct Tribunal to handle any complaint brought against you, if investigation is done and you are found wanting you will be taken to the Tribunal and sanctioned, you can also be Barred from holding office for the period of 10 years because your morality is below standard, you are not accountable to the people that puts you there.

The Nigerian government is all of us, if some shady deals are found about you, you can be barred and all properties or items found in your procession will be collected. The government also give asset declaration form to public office holders to declare all what they have. False declaration is an offence, if one is caught, he will be taken to the tribunal for prosecution. All Civil servants are to declare their assets every 4years, if you are a political office holder; you are to declare your assets before and after office.

We rely on people to feed us with information on false declaration by government officials; we also have an intelligent unit that go to investigate where issues are involved. When an officer misbehaves even in the tribunal, a petition can be written against him; the EFCC/ICPC will come and investigate him. The confidentiality of our petitioners is guaranteed, the tribunal stands as witness on behalf of the petition he said.


Highlight of Episode 95 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme.

Episode 95 of the SERVICOM help desk Radio programme held on the 29th of October 2019, The National Coordinator /Chief Executive Officer of SERVICOM, Mrs Nnenna  Akajemeli appreciated brekete family and those rendering service. The Public Awareness Manager  Ms Patience Musa spoke about the service compact and engaged people in the studio by asking them what SERVICOM  is, Mr Tomos  Namur attempted in answering the question by saying ‘’to my own understanding, SERVICOM is an organisation  that is been established to ensure that Nigerians get better services’’.

Miss Lauretta also attempted by saying ‘’ it is Service Compact’’. Ms Patience gave the answer as ‘’Service Compact with All Nigerians’’. Ms Patience added that a compact is an agreement with somebody, it is something crispy. She said SERVICOM was born in 2004, it provision said ‘’ we dedicate ourselves to providing the basic services to which citizen are entitled in a timely, honestly, effectively, fairly and transparent manner’’.

These are the things that make up the Compact, when you enter the public service, you should know you have entered a compact signed by former President Obasanjo which says we dedicate ourselves to serve people timely. When people come to your office, don’t see them as nuisance, attend to them in a timely manner.

As somebody that delivers service, we expect you to be Fair, treat everyone without favouritism, what is good for one is good for the other, it is important we treat people equally.  Honesty is key in service, SERVICOM has asked government agencies to come up service Charter which contains the promises of their services to the service taker; you are to ask what services are there for you. The service charter is expected to be implemented to the later in all Honesty.

On Effective service, the National Coordinator said NCAA should look into delayed and rescheduled flights, if its only one flight for a day customers should know in other to avoid disappointing them as this well subtract from their satisfaction level.  Without effectiveness, service delivery is zero said, Ms Patience added. Transparency is been open in delivering service, when there is no hidden cost and charges, it is transparency.

If we give services with the above mentioned provisions, customers will be satisfied. Effective service delivery leads to trust in government. In service delivery there is no excuse and that is the summary of the compact. The NC said it is the helplessness that Nigerians are suffering around service point that we are talking about so that they can improve. The NC added that the Comptroller General of immigration has given out a toll –free line and asked that it be pasted at visible point at the airport.

The Public Awareness Manager gave an update of a complainant  Hajiya Rabiyat  Bakori  who wrote to appreciate the SERVICOM office after her late husband’s benefit was paid and urged complainants to write to the office when there complainant are resolved.


Highlight of Episode 93 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme.

Episode 93 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme held on Tuesday 15th October 2019, the National Coordinator / Chief Executive Officer of SERVICOM, Mrs Nnenna Akajemeli appreciated the Ordinary President and the Brekete family for the impact of the programme.

The Episode featured the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) where Dr. Chikwaram Obi, Nodal officer of NERC and Dr. Shittu Shaibu, represented the Commission.

Dr. Shittu said NERC was established in 2005 under the Electricity Sector Power Reform Act, adding that the Commission is made up of 7 Commissioners Headed by Prof. James Momoh.

“NERC is in charge of power generation, transmission and distribution for both government and private operators; we oversee technical, commercial and customer service. We make and enforce rules and regulation for the protection of both the operators and the customers”, he said.

He further explained that the Commission determines what the Operators can charge for electricity distributed and has put in place rules that govern metering as well.

According to him, “NERC came up with an innovation that some group of persons can partner with the Distribution Company and these are the people that consumers pay directly to”.

“If you have any issue, the first thing is to meet your distribution company and put your complaint in writing, secondly you  should contact the NERC Forum Office that are in the states of the Federation”, he said and went on read out the  complaints number of the Commission as 08146862225.




Highlight of Episode 92 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme.

Episode 92 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme held on 8th October 2019, with the National Coordinator /Chief Executive Officer of SERVICOM, Mrs Nnenna  Akajemeli and the Public Awareness Manager, Ms. Patience Musa  who both talked about the 2019 Customer service week with the Theme “The magic of Service”

As traditional the national Coordinator of SERVICOM appreciated Brekete family and those rendering services in MDAs and said the Customer service week is about celebrating excellent service and the customers.

The Public Awareness Manager while shedding more light on the Customer service week said the week is observed world-wide in the first week of October and is set aside to celebrate service takers and outstanding service givers who worked hard to give customers good service experience.

She said the Theme for 2019 Customer Service Week,  “Magic of Service’’ was apt because it recognizes that good service experience has a magical effect on both the customer and the service giver.

She noted that in view of the relevance of SERVICOM Office as the foremost change agent for service excellence, a one-day Road Show was proposed for the celebration of 2019 Customer Service Week on Wednesday, October 9, 2019.

“The proposed road show is expected to create awareness on the theme for the year and on how SERVICOM is achieving this through its mandate, its expected to sensitize citizens on their rights to be served right and celebrate service providers across MDAs for their efforts in improving citizens’ experiences at service windows.

According to her, the road show event would also be taken to NTA headquarters in recognition of their innovation over the years in ensuring that citizens are better informed and enlightened through their news coverage and programmes.

She called on MDAs to utilize the week and look at how best to improve on their services for customer satisfaction because without customers there won’t be business be it government or private sector.



Highlight of Episode 91 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme.

Episode 91 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme held on 1st October 2019, The National Coordinator /Chief Executive Officer of SERVICOM, Mrs Nnenna  Akajemeli appreciated Brekete family  and those adding value to Nigeria by their prayers and good works.

“Today is our 59th independence anniversary so let us sit and think of the value we have brought to the table. What we will remember this government for is the quality of work and services we received from them and that is what connects people to government and makes them to believe in Nigeria.

“I wish Nigeria well as I say happy independence and as we reflect on this day, let us think about  what we will do for Nigeria to be better for us and for the coming generation”, She further added.

A Public Awareness Staff in SERVICOM Office, Mr Tony Ochelebe emphasized on National Unity and Service Delivery, saying “National unity is the acceptance of other ethnic component of Nigeria into the Nigerian nation, that means the Hausa’s, Igbo, Yoruba and Ighala accept each other as part of Nigeria and because of that acceptance, we come together for the realisation of the Nigerian dream”.

“Our Nigerian dream is very modest which is food availability, security, shelter, access to education and health care. These can be achieved   when we come together as a people through service delivery and that is what SERVICOM is all about”, Tony said,

He encouraged providers of service to “Serve others the way you want to be served which is our SERVICOM golden rule, when people come to take service, treat them the way you would like them to treat you because you are also a service taker somewhere”.

He gave an update on resolved complaints by Nigerian Immigration Service and Road Safety where Passport and Driving Licence of 3 complainants were released to them following SERVICOM’s intervention.

There were no emerging issues for SERVICOM to handle.




Highlight of Episode 90 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme.

Episode 90 of the SERVICOM help desk Radio programme held on the 24th September 2019 and featured the representatives of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) The National Coordinator /Chief Executive Officer of SERVICOM, Mrs Nnenna  Akajemeli appreciated those rendering service in MDA’s as well as the  Ordinary President and those touching lives by the quality of services they render, the various heads in MDA’s, the SGF. She thanked the Human Right Radio for the platform.

Representative of the Chairman of NCC  Alhaji  Ismail  Adeduga, began by saying that the chairman of NCC  is not only very conscious of customers but also  sees all staff of the Commission as  customers as they do not have a special network and they experience the network challenges others experience.

Bashir Bello, Head, legislative and Government relations NCC. Mrs Latayak Nuhu, desk officer SERVICOM all accompanied the representative of the chairman.

He said NCC was established in 1992 and became fully operational in 2001 by registering network service providers. According to him “NCC was established to make sure we communicate with each other easily and to ensure private companies come in and invest and create employment opportunity for the citizens.

Alhaji Ismail added that one of the rights of telecom service providers is to have Licences, to establish companies, to sell their products, advertise products and provide telecommunication services.

He noted on the other hand that customers/consumers have the right to complain about any service they are not comfortable with, explaining that  NCC has Consumer Affair Bureau  to take care of consumers’ complaints.

He said the Commission attached great importance to Consumer education and has provided means through which consumers can complain. the telecom companies are compelled to listing to your complaint if they don’t , call NCC on 622 toll free line from 8am- 8pm which is NCC complaint centre.

The NC said we appreciated SERVICOM for bringing NCC thereby touching lives and advised citizens to bring their complaint to the table. Alhaji Ismailhil urged SERVICOM to next time bring both service operators so as to hear the complaints of customers.